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CDA Student Involvement

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Part of what makes CDA unique is student involvement in program goals, committees, and initiatives. CDA faculty invite students to participate in key steering committee and important policy discussion on campus. Below are some examples of student involvement in the department and across the university.

Departmental Events & Meetings

Monthly CDA meetings are sponsored by CDA coordinators and attendance of full-time students is required. Meetings are scheduled on the second Thursday of every month. Meeting times will alternate between day and evening. Part-time students are required to attend every other monthly meeting (generally those scheduled in the evenings).

The director of graduate studies presides over monthly community studies meetings, which are held on the third Friday of the month. These are attended by graduate students, faculty and administrators who are interested in issues related to the graduate academic programs in the HOD department. CDA students are strongly encouraged to attend.

The graduate academic programs utilize several standing committees to carry out important work. One to two CDA students serve as representatives of the program on each of the committees: admissions, curriculum, minority recruitment, mediation, etc. Prompted in early fall by an email from the director of graduate studies or the graduate coordinator, you may sign up to serve on one or more committees. In addition, a CDA representative is invited to attend faculty meetings and the executive committee meetings within the department. Most departmental meetings occur on Fridays.

A colloquium series is presented each semester. CDA students are invited both to present and attend colloquia. Attendance is highly valuable and strongly encouraged.

Student Organizations
Crucial Conversations
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