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Community Research and Action Student Handbook

Community Research and Action Handbook Archive

The CRA handbook will familiarize you with the policies and procedures that shape the Community Research and Action doctoral program. It should not be viewed as a comprehensive document and it does not replace the Peabody College or Graduate School catalogs. It provides information you will need in order to make decisions about your graduate study and to acquaint you with the administrative requirements, policies, and procedures you will be expected to meet.

This is a living document and we invite you to make contributions and suggestions. Additionally, if you have questions that cannot be answered by this handbook, please seek information from your adviser, your fellow students, or the program director.

We expect that your personal and professional journey within the CRA program will be stimulating, challenging, positive, and transformational. We hope that this manual will be helpful in that process, and we are glad that you are part of our team!

CRA Handbooks by Academic Year

2016-2017 CRA Handbook

2015-2016 CRA Handbook

2014-2015 CRA Handbook

2013-2014 CRA Handbook

2012-2013 CRA Handbook

2011-2012 CRA Handbook

2010-2011 CRA Handbook

2009-2010 CRA Handbook updated 11/09

2008-2009 CRA Handbook

Community Research and Action Student Forms

Below you will find links to core CRA student forms and paperwork. Students, please be mindful that attached forms may not represent recent changes. Please contact department staff or your advisor to confirm the status of each form prior to completion. 

Program of Studies

Change in Program of Studies

Annual Student Review Form

Change of Advisor

Request for Transfer Credit

Dissertation Defense Results Form 

Dissertation Proposal Results Form

Graduate CV Form 

Graduate Travel Application 

Graduate Travel Checklist

Individual Learning Agreement

Intent to Graduate Form

Qualifying Exam Results Form 

Graduate Credit Request Form

Request to Appoint PHD Committee Form

Request to Change PHD Committee Form

Request to Schedule Dissertation Defense Form

Request to Schedule Qualifying Exam Form