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Current CRA Student Research

Ph.D. students in Community Research and Action are actively engaged in research and publishing during their time in graduate school. Some publications by students arise from independent research and some are developed through collaborations with faculty and other graduate students. Below are examples of recent scholarly publications with current students as authors and co-authors. Names of current student authors are bolded in the citations. For more information on students’ research interests and activities, please see the directory of Current Students.


Kymberly Byrd

Byrd, K. (2021). Huge numbers of the formerly incarcerated are unemployed, but there are some promising solutions. The Conversation.


Sara M. Perisho Eccleston

Eccleston, S. M. (2020). Discourses of incarnational belonging: Unpacking the motivations and goals of white urban relocators. Community Development, 51(4), 323-343.


Krista A. Haapanen

London, J. K., Haapanen, K. A., Backus, A., Mack, S. M., Lindsey, M., & Andrade, K. (2020). Aligning community-engaged research to context. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 17(4), 1187.


Jordan Jurinsky

Finch, A. J., Jurinsky, J., & Anderson, B. M. (2020). Recovery and youth: An integrative review. Alcohol Research, 40(3), 06.

Perkins, J. M., Perkins, H. W., Jurinsky, J., & Craig, D. W. (2019). Adolescent tobacco use and misperceptions of social norms across schools in the United States. Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs80(6), 659–668.


Dominique A. Lyew

Lyew, D. A., Perkins, D. D., & Sohn, J.-I. E. (2020). Foreign aid, grassroots activism, and the strength of applied community studies in aid-receiving countries: The case of community psychology. Psychosocial Intervention, 27(1), 1–11.


Leah Marion Roberts

Roberts, L. M., Marx, R.A. (2018). The persistence of policies of protection in LGBTQ  research & advocacy. Journal of LGBT Youth15(4), 280-299.

Roberts, L. M., Christens, B. D. (2020). Pathways to well-being among LGBT adults: Sociopolitical involvement, family support, outness, and community connectedness with race/ethnicity as a moderator. American Journal of Community Psychology


Julie Sriken

Mueller, C. O., Forber-Pratt, A. J., & Sriken, J. (2019). Disability: Missing from the conversation of violence. Journal of Social Issues, 75(3), 707–725.


Dominique Tunzi

Diehl, D. K., Tunzi, D., & Marx, R. (2020). On contexts and cores: Is there a core body of knowledge taught in social context of education courses? Teaching in Higher Education.


C. Danielle Wilfong

Suiter, S. V., & Wilfong, C. D. (2019). Healing work. Social Enterprise Journal, 16(1), 82-99.