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HOD Core and Career Skills

All of the core courses in the program include specific mechanisms for developing six core skills:

  1. Writing: Develop a clear, concise, expository style and master the practical forms used in professional situations, for example, position papers, briefing papers, memos, and news releases.
  2. Oral presentation: Deliver informative and persuasive presentations and make effective use of media.
  3. Analytic thinking and creative problem solving: Applying analytic and creative thinking skills to recognize, define, and solve personal, professional, and social problems.
  4. Interpersonal communication: Master active listening, assertiveness, and conflict resolution skills.
  5. Group leadership: Develop skills for understanding small group behavior and group roles.
  6. Technology/computer skills: Learn to use multimedia, intranets, the Web, and electronic communication.

Additionally, the core curriculum is designed to develop the following areas of knowledge or career skills:

  1. An understanding of the basic principles and typical patterns of human development to provide leadership and facilitate decision making in organizational and small group settings
  2. Application of quantitative and qualitative data-gathering and analysis skills to define and plan solutions to applied problems
  3. An understanding of the ethical dimensions of personal and organizational decisions as applied to making professional and personal decisions and analyzing social problems
  4. Aptitude with organizational theories and their applications (for example, open systems theory, the distribution of power and information in systems and bureaucracies)
  5. Effective management, supervision, and organizational development and program planning skills (for example, methods of facilitating problem solving, needs assessment, goal setting, program development, and evaluation)
  6. Effective career planning and development skills (for example, clarifying personal goals, developing a profile of skills, writing an effective resume, and interviewing)