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HOD Minor


The minor in human and organizational development consists of 18 credit hours in the following courses:

Required Course: 3 hours

HOD 1250  Applied Human Development

Choose Two Additional Core Courses: 6 hours
HOD 1300  Small Group Behavior
HOD 2100  Understanding Organizations (required for Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness courses)
HOD 2500  Systematic Inquiry 
HOD 2700  Public Policy (HOD 2700 or PSCI 1100 required for Education Policy courses)

Track Level Courses: 9 hours

Students will choose 3 HOD track level courses (9 hours) to count towards the HOD minor.  Choosing 3 courses in a single track is not required and will not show on your transcript.

Community Leadership and Development Track

HODC 3202  Community Development Theory
HODC 3232  Ethics for Human Development Professionals
HODC 3262  Social Entrepreneurship: Principles and Application
HODC 3342  Introduction to Community Psychology
HODC 3352  Philanthropy and Social Problem Solving
HODC 3650  Community Development Seminar (topics vary; only one CLD seminar will count towards the HOD minor)

Health and Human Services Track 

HODH 3201  Introduction to Human Services
HODH 3211  Introduction to Counseling
HODH 3221 Health Service Delivery to Diverse Populations
HODH 3231 Introduction to Health Services
HODH 3241 Introduction to Health Policy
HODH 3650 Health & Human Service Seminar (topics vary; only one HHS seminar will count towards the HOD minor)

International Leadership and Development Track 

HODI 3200  Global Dimensions of Community Development
HODI 3210  Leadership and Change in International Organizations
HODI 3220  International Organizations and Economic Development
HODI 3230  Education and Economic Development
HODI 3240  Effectiveness in International For-Profit Organizations
HODI 3250  Building Knowledge Economics in Asia
HODI 3260  Education in the Asia-Pacific Region: Development, Reform, and Innovation
HODI 3270  Global Sustainable Development

Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness Track 

HODL 3204  Leadership Theory and Practice (prerequisite HOD 2100; concurrent enrollment allowed)
HODL 3234  Advanced Organizational Theory (prerequisite HOD 2100; concurrent enrollment allowed)
HODL 3224  Analyzing Organizational Effectiveness
HODL 3244  Introduction to Human Resource Development 
HODL 3254  Human Resource Management 
HODL 3264  Evidence-based Practice in Organizations (prerequisite HOD 2100; concurrent enrollment allowed)
HODL 3274  Managing Organizational Change (prerequisite HOD 3204 or HOD 3234)
HODL 3284  Gender and Leadership

Education Policy Track 

HODE 3205  Education Policy Analysis Methods (prerequisite HOD 2700 or PCSI 1100)
HODE 3215  Education and Public Policy (prerequisite HOD 2700 or PCSI 1100)
HODE 3225  Introduction to Public Finance of Education


Total Hours in the Minor: 18

Revised August 2022