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HOD Track Summaries

At the end of their sophomore year, students in HOD select one of the following five areas of concentration ("tracks") in accordance with their general career focus:

Each 15-hour track consists of a nine-hour core and six hours of 2 additional track level courses called HOD track electives. The two HOD track electives are not limited to courses within the HOD track the student has declared. HOD track electives are any HOD, HODE, HODC, HODH, HODI, and HODL courses from 3000 - 4999 excluding 3850, 3860, 3870, 4950, 4951, 4952, 4953, 4960 and 4978.

Fifth-year Early Enrollment Master's Program
Each of the HOD tracks provides excellent preparation for advanced study in one of Peabody's Fifth-year Early Enrollment Master's Program. Students wishing to pursue graduate study may apply in their junior year and, if admitted, begin taking graduate courses in their senior year, thus making it possible to complete most Peabody master's programs in one additional year of study after completion of the undergraduate degree. Click on the link above to view the fifth-year early enrollment master's programs.

Early Start Program
As a Vanderbilt University senior in a bachelor's program you may qualify to enroll in courses approved for master's-level credit and get an early start on your Peabody master’s degree. With this option, you will not have to apply for admission to enroll in courses during your senior year. You simply need permission from the course instructors and your academic advisor and to submit a form to the Peabody Office of Academic Services declaring your intentions. For more information including a list of program participating in Early Start, click here.