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Health and Human Services Track

Video: HOD Health and Human Services Track

The Health and Human Services (HHS) track provides its students with a broad-based curriculum to pursue a wide range of career possibilities in the growing field of health and human services. The track focuses on developing knowledge and skills for positions in service professions such as counseling, social work, medicine, dentistry, health policy, allied medical sciences, athletic training, physical therapy, and health promotion. The demand for health and human service related professionals continues to increase due to a growing number of elders who require more services, advances in medical technology, the entrance of private industry into the health care delivery system, and the expansion of wellness and prevention programs.

HHS students who plan to work in health and human service settings or to go on to graduate or professional schools have a choice of three options:

  1. Prehealth Professions: Development of entry-level knowledge and skills for professions including dentistry, medicine, nursing, occupational therapy, and physical therapy
  2. Health Policy and Administration: Related roles include health care administrator, health specialist, and health policy analyst
  3. Human Services: Counseling, social work

The nine-hour CLD track core requires 3 of the following 6 courses:

  • HODH 3201, Introduction to Human Services
  • HODH 3211, Introduction to Counseling
  • HODH 3221, Health Service Delivery to Diverse Populations
  • HODH 3231, Introduction to Health Services
  • HODH 3241, Introduction to Health Policy
  • HODH 3650, Health & Human Service Seminar (Rotating topics; two HHS seminars can count in the HHS track core)

Additionally, every track requires that all HOD majors take 2 additional track level courses called “HOD track electives.” The two HOD track electives are not limited to courses within the HOD track the student has declared. HOD track electives are any HOD, HODE, HODC, HODH, HODI, and HODL courses from 3000 - 4999 excluding 3850, 3860, 3870, 4950, 4951, 4952, 4953, 4960 and 4978.

Recommended courses include the following:

  • HODC 3202, Community Development Theory
  • HODC 3212, Community Development Organizations and Policies
  • HODC 3222, Action Research and Program Evaluation
  • HODC 3342, Introduction to Community Psychology
  • HODH 3331, Managing Health Care Organizations
  • HODL 3244, Introduction to Human Resource Development