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International Leadership and Development Track

The International Leadership and Development (ILD) track provides participants an empirical and theoretical basis for understanding and addressing issues of human and organizational development in the international arena. The track encompasses multilateral development institutions, international development policies, and community development processes in international perspective. The ILD track focuses on the major elements of the globalization process: modern international financial architecture, global non-governmental organizations and social movements, transnational corporations and international trade, cross-cultural immigration, and the emergence of global networks and their significance for human and organizational development at the community level. 

Students who complete an HOD major in the ILD track will be prepared for entry-level positions in transnational business settings, relevant government agencies, foundations, community development organizations, or non-governmental organizations with international scope. Students also will be able to understand and follow debates over international development policy. Lastly, students will be well positioned for graduate training leading to careers in multilateral development agencies through such graduate majors as political science, development economics, public administration, anthropology, community research and action, comparative education, or law.

The nine-hour ILD track core requires 3 of the following 8 courses:

  • HODI 3200, Global Dimensions of Community Development
  • HODI 3210, Leadership and Change in International Organizations
  • HODI 3220, International Organizations and Economic Development
  • HODI 3230, Education and Economic Development
  • HODI 3240, Effectiveness in International For-Profit Organizations
  • HODI 3250, Building Knowledge Economics in Asia
  • HODI 3260, Education in the Asia-Pacific Region: Development, Reform, and Innovation
  • HODI 3270, Global Sustainable Development

Additionally, every track requires that all HOD majors take 2 additional track level courses called “HOD track electives.” The two HOD track electives are not limited to courses within the HOD track the student has declared. HOD track electives are any HOD, HODE, HODC, HODH, HODI, and HODL courses from 3000 - 4999 excluding 3850, 3860, 3870, 4950, 4951, 4952, 4953, 4960 and 4978.

Recommended courses include the following:

  • HODI 3650, International Leadership and Development Seminar
  • HODI 3890, Special Topics in International Leadership and Development
  • HODC 3650, Community Leadership and Development Seminar

Video: HOD International Leadership and Development Track Leader Brian Heuser