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Current Student Profiles

2018 Cohort 

Asad Ali Aslam


Hometown: Karachi, Pakistan

College & Degree: Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), Economics & Political Science

Most Recent Job: Teacher Trainer at Aga Khan University

Interests/Free Time Activity: Reading and Traveling

Fun Fact: I am one of the very few students who have traveled the farthest to study at Vanderbilt (7882 miles to be precise) 

Michael Baker

 Mike  I was born in San Diego, CA, and graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill with a B.E.S.T/Mathematics degree in 2013. Since then I have been a teacher at Holly Springs High School. I enjoy going to concerts, trying new restaurants, and all things nerdy! Fun Fact: I know how to ride a unicycle. 

Jim Barclay


In 2012, I graduated from Vanderbilt University with a major in Asian Studies and French as well as a minor in Chinese.

I’ve worked most recently as the tax law instructor for a nonprofit called Impact Alabama, which partners with local universities to provide free tax prep services for low-income families across the state.

One of my biggest interests is learning and practicing foreign languages. I also enjoy hiking trails in my free time.

Fun Fact: my voice is featured in the ending credits theme song for Final Fantasy XI. 

 Katherine Burns 


Hometown: St. Croix Falls, WI

College & Degree: University of Chicago, BA in Biological Sciences

Most Recent Job:  Education Consultant and Guidance Local Academic Manager at AIC Education Inc.

Interests/Free Time Activity: Eating the last slice of pizza. Also, lying to myself about my intolerance to lactose.

Fun Fact: Things I’ve crashed: Bike, moped, another bike, ambiguous vehicle, scooter, walking. No pizza was harmed. 

Grace Callahan


Hometown:  Terre Haute, Indiana 

College & Degree: University of Dayton, Education 

I’ve recently been teaching math in Ohio. Prior to that, I taught English in Malaysia. I’m a gym rat who also loves reading, baking, being outdoors, and playing bar games. I don’t have Netflix. 

Qican Cao (Sunny) 


Hometown: China

College & Degree: Nanjing University, Bachelor of Arts

Most Recent Job: Copywriter

Interests/Free Time Activity: Dancing, traveling, reading

Fun Fact: =) 

Dia Chakraborty


Hometown: New Delhi, India

College & Degree: Economics Honours, Delhi University, India

Most Recent Job: Teach For India Fellow

Interests: Travelling, Cooking new dishes, Hiking, Dancing to Bolly- wood songs

Fun Fact: I am a pack rat and hold on to anything that has any memory linked to it. 

Doug Comes 


Hometown: Buffalo Grove, IL 

College & Degree: Winona State University, Social Science/History: Teaching Psychology 

Most Recent Job:  TRIO Upward Bound Advisor 

Interests:  Anything with my dog, soccer, science 

Fun Fact:  Growing up I had pet rats 

Wei Gao 

 Photo and Biography Unavailable

Amy Howard 


Hometown: Mandeville, LA 

Hello! I graduated in 2013 from Auburn University in Elementary Education and I was a member of the Women’s Soccer Team. Directly after completing my undergrad, I spent a year in Uganda teaching English and coaching soccer with a non- profit organization. I’ve spent the past two years teaching 3 rd grade in Eastern North Carolina. My interests include cook- ing, spending time outside, and being active! 

Fatima Jamil Khan 


Hometown: Karachi, Pakistan 

College & Degree: Institute of Business Management, BBA(H) Marketing 

Most Recent Job: Fellow at Teach For Pakistan 

Interests: Music, dancing, and singing 

Fun Fact: I wake up every morning with a new song in my head and hum it to annoy my roommate. 

Bethany Kreider  


Hometown: Reading, Pennsylvania 

College & Degree: University of Tampa, BS in Elementary Education 

Most Recent Job: YES Program Coordinator at iEARN-USA 

In my free time, I like to bake, see live music, hike, read, and travel. A fun fact about me is that, while teaching English in Indonesia as a Fulbright scholar, I also starred in a very short-lived reality TV show. 

Linghe Lei 


Hometown:  Chengdu, China

College & Degree: Peabody College, Master

Most Recent Job: Manager, teacher

Interests/Free Time Activity: Reading, Gym, Traveling, Food

Fun Fact:Love work and challenges;pursue a high-quality life. Rational, aspirant and diligent. 

Jialing Liang 

Photo and Biography Unavailable

Dan Liu  


Hometown: Anyang, China 

College & Degree: Peabody College & IEPM 

Most Recent Job: Research Assistant

Interests/Free Time Activity: Read & Watch movies 

Taylor Matherly 


Hometown: Durham/Chapel Hill, NC 

College & Degree: University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill (Hispanic Linguistics & Sociology) 

Most Recent Job: Educator at the NC Museum of Life & Science 

Interests/Free Time Activity: Travel, reading, cooking, languages, exercise, music, movies, watching sports 

Fun Fact: Lived in Spain for three years to study and then work post-graduation. 

Suzanne Quon 


I’m from San Francisco, CA and recently graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a degree in Chinese. I just came back from teaching English in Taiwan. I’m interested in traveling and the outdoors. A fun fact about me is that I’ve been kickboxing for most of my life. 

Andrew Reducha 


Hometown: Miami, Florida 

College: Dartmouth College ’13 

Most Recent Job: Returning from three years of teaching high school English in the Marshall Islands

Interests/Free Time Activity: I’m a big fan of Edwardian lit and letter writing 

Fun Fact: My former student was the Marshallese flag bearer during the Rio opening ceremonies 

Autumn Santos


Hometown: Gainesville, FL 

College & Degree: University of Florida -- English and African Studies 

Most Recent Job: 6th Grade ELA Teacher in Newark, NJ 

Interests/Free Time Activity: Exploring, trying unlikely flavor combinations in food, and general perusing. 

Fun Fact: My most prized possession is a signed first-edition, first-printing copy of Toni Morrison’s Beloved.

Shunyu Yao 


Hometown: Shenyang, China 

College & Degree: Illinois Institute of Tech Bachelor of Science in Business Administration 

Most Recent Job: President’s Assistant at Shenyang Rehoboth School, 2012- 2014 

Interests/Free Time Activity: Swimming, Painting, Gundam Piloting 

Fun Fact: I hope Peabody teaches exorcism. 

Xiaoge Zhang (Cathy)


Hometown: Beijing, China

College & Degree: Ohio University BA in Psychology BA in French

Most Recent Job: Teaching English in New Oriental Corporation

Interests/Free Time Activity: Knitting, Longboard skating, Travel 

2017 Cohort 

Fatimah Ali

Fatimah Ali

My name is Fatimah Ali and I am from Lahore, Pakistan. My family belongs to the  minority shi'ite community and like many other minorities we have seen the change in Pakistani social narrative where, the definitions of Pakistani citizenship are becoming more and more rigid with an emphasis on religion and ethnicity. I believe that the best approach to counter the rigidity of the local social narrative is to instill in our children the appreciation of diversity and compassion, particularly in girls. Therefore, I chose to work in an all girls' school as a teacher in spite of having a degree in Economics from one of the Pakistan's most prestigious universities. I also volunteered in Alif Laila Book Bus Society, an NGO which tries to achieve this aim by providing children (particularly from low-income households) access to libraries, vocational trainings etc. Alif Laila works with international agencies such as USAID and IBBY to achieve its goals. For me, schools are the places where we have the best shot of making positive and inclusive changes in our social narrative by shaping the perspectives of our children and youth. My interest in Education Policy comes from my belief that if we design and set up inclusive and equitable policies in our educational sector we can shape more tolerant future citizens of Pakistan.

 Brendan Boland


 Brendan Boland

For the past four years, Brendan has worked as a teacher trainer, developing and implementing teacher training curriculum for regional education projects. Most recently he worked with the Mon National Education Committee in the border between Myanmar and Thailand, and was previously placed with the Kemisse College of Teacher Education in Amhara, Ethiopia through the Peace Corps. In this capacity, Brendan learned of the educational challenges within the communities and experienced the difficulties of implementing and evaluating educational training programs within various educational contexts and levels. Brendan remains interested in working internationally in teacher development projects as a classroom teacher, a trainer, and project manager, yet questions regarding best practices, studied solutions, and suitability havelead him to pursue an M.Ed with Peabody's IEPM pro- gram. During his tenure with Vanderbilt, Brendan hopes to seek answers at the programatic level, while continuing to develop himself as a classroom educator. Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Brendan earned a B.A. in English Literature, specializing in Depression Era American novels, from California State University, East Bay.

Christina Bowden

Christina Bowden  Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, Christina Bowden will be entering into the IEPM program this Fall. Christina graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Anthropology, and has been serving as an AmeriCorps member at New American Pathways, a refugee resettlement agency, since. She has a love of traveling, exploring new cultures, and working with children. Christina looks forward to starting her time at Peabody and cannot wait to begin her journey in Music City.

Natalie Brackett

 Natalie Brackett Natalie is a Tennessee native excited to study international education close to home (for once!). She graduated from Washington University in St. Louis in May 2013 with her BA in Anthropology & Religious Studies. She completed a teaching fellowship with Princeton in Asia in Nan, Thailand, then worked as a paralegal in Washington, DC while tutoring refugee & immigrant populations. Natalie has worked, studied and traveled throughout South & Southeast Asia, and she aims to return to promote equity & access to quality education in Himalayan regions.

Katherine Burkett

 Kate Burkett Kate was a high school Spanish teacher with Teach for America in Charlotte, NC and studied Spanish in college at UNC Asheville. Kate enjoys traveling and spending time with friends. She is most looking forward to learning about the policies that shape education outside of the United States and exploring Nashville!

Wu Hu

Wu Hu  I'm Wu Hu (wohoo),yes a very fun name, so suggested by Suntrust bank manager, he offered me a middle name Emily. The picture was taken in Inner Mongolia where I did one- year volunteer teaching. I have gradually developed an interest in preschool education and reading study. I aim to develop Chinese preschool education marketing and Chinese children's book promotion. I already set up a non-profit preschool picture book house in Erdors, Inner Mongolia with the help of local government and local school. That also explains I love writing children's stories, painting or just graffiti.

Jingjing Huang

Jingjing Huang  As a southerner, Jingjing Huang was born and grew up in Zhejiang, China. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Zhejiang Normal University in 2015 and chose the IEPM program as a fresh start, at which she will be excited to explore the world and find her niche in education research. Besides, she loves the gym and travel, looking forward to making friends at Vanderbilt.

Amanda Ketner

Amanda Ketner Amanda comes to Vanderbilt after teaching high school math in Chapel Hill, NC for four years upon her graduation from Elon University in 2011. During her time teaching, she became involved with an awesome non-profit in Guatemala that builds houses and operates a primary school which sparked her interest in studying schools in Latin America. In her free time, she loves to cook, read, watch movies, attend concerts of all types, hike, and explore new places!

Jingxian Li 

 Jingxian Li

I am Jingxian Li from Shanghai, China! I graduated from East China Normal University last year majoring in English teaching with a minor in finance! I worked in an international school after graduation for a year! 


Yuanyu Li 

Yuanyu Li   

Hometown: Yunnan Province 

Graduated from Shanghai Institute of technology in Shanghai 

Interest: Acapellea, Ukulele, Swimming, Folk Dance, Language Learning 

Looking forward to: Join the choir in Vandy, Get an internship in Institute of International Education, Develop solid foundation in Education Policy and applied research

Yin Liu 

 Yin Liu I am Yin Liu from China. Born in Beijing, I have never left the city for over a month during the first twenty years of my life. At the age of 20, when I was a sophomore at Tsinghua University, I went to Japan for exchange study. Then I took a half-year internship in Tokyo to understand the society from a different perspective. These cross-cultural experiences, combined with my participation in several international programs, bred my interest in international education. So I came to Peabody right after graduation to have a reflective thinking on my education and hope to find the solutions to some China's educational problems. 

Ruqi Ma

 Ruqi Ma My name is Ruqi Ma. I am from Xuzhou, China. I was graduated from University of Pittsburgh with degree in psychology and a minor in economics. I taught English for one year in China after college. Before coming to Peabody, I spent six months traveling and volunteering in Asia, during which I worked as a teacher for an NGO in Kathmandu, Nepal. That's what sparked my interest in education development and women.


 Maheen Maheen is a Fulbright scholar coming from Pakistan. She pursued her undergraduate degree in Economics & Political Science but her brief one year work experience in the education sector was so rigorous yet inspiring that she finally decided to do her Master's in International Education Policy. She likes to spend her time learning new things and getting new experiences. She wants to travel around the world and explore. Maheen is really excited to be in Nashville and looking forward to meeting her new friends at Vandy.

Zain Murtaza Maken

Zain  I am Zain and I'll be starting in the IEPM program. I was born in Lahore, Pakistan and got my education from different cities here and got the chance to study and to do my IB from New Delhi, India. Then, I graduated from Lahore School of Economics and after that I started working with Teach For Pakistan for two years, taught secondary grades English and Science, and had a wonderfully challenging and satisfying experience. Now, really looking forward to being at Vanderbilt! I love to play cricket and badminton, although I'm not good at the latter. Also, I have heard about Nashville as a music city and I love listening to music, especially instrumental, classical specifically.

Caroline Martin

Caroline  Caroline Martin is originally from Chicago but studied Public Policy at Vanderbilt and graduated in 2012. Driven by her belief that students' lives could be changed by their educational experience, she joined Teach For America after graduating and taught 7th grade ELA in Houston for two years before moving back to Nashville this past year to help start a KIPP high school. Having seen the challenges her students face and the inequality that exists in America's education system, Caroline is excited to step away from teaching in order to learn from other countries, as well as from the rest of her cohort, about ways to improve educational opportunities for all. She also enjoys anything that has to do with being outdoors (especially playing soccer, running, backpacking, and singing around a campfire) and she can't wait to get to know the rest of the LPO students!

Colleen McCoy

 Colleen Colleen is a graduate of the University of Kentucky, where she majored in Spanish, International Studies, and Integrated Strategic Communications. She taught English in Madrid, Spain, for two years and then worked and traveled in Australia. Born and raised in Murray, Kentucky, Colleen enjoys waterskiing, wakeboarding, hiking, traveling, and attempting to play the ukulele. She is part of the IEPM program and is interested in working in education abroad.

Eileen Remley

 Eileen Eileen graduated from the University of Kansas in 2012 with degrees in English and International Studies. She moved to Madrid for a year before completing a two-year ETA Fulbright grant in Turkey. Now she is very excited to explore educational and social entrepreneurship at Peabody with her new classmates this fall!

Salman Shahid

Salman  My name is Salman Shahid and I am educationist. I teach at university and high schools, am a debates coach and help nascent and upcoming educational projects deal with challenges relating to educational quality and school management systems. I love traveling and exploring new destinations and am extremely passionate about learning through debating.

Derrick Stevens

Derrick  Derrick Stevens is an incoming IEPM student from Lincoln, Nebraska, who graduated from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln with a Political Science degree in 2015. Derrick's main interests are in comparative education, study abroad, and educational access for women and girls worldwide. Derrick is looking forward to exploring areas in and out of Nashville, and is hoping to find some good spots to camp, bike, and hike!

Kelsey Stolzenbach

Kelsey  Meet Kelsey Stolzenbach - she has a bachelor's degree in Economics with a minor in International Studies from Longwood University in Virginia. She studied abroad in Thailand, France, Belgium, and the Dominican Republic as an undergraduate. She loves penguins, the great outdoors, and her Netflix account. Kelsey is looking forward to meeting everyone and beginning her new life in Nashville soon!

Maoqing Wang

Maoqing  Maoqing Wang(Amanda) comes from Beijing ,China. After four years study of history in Capital Normal University , She had been a high school teacher for 5 years until July this year. She loves traveling and looks forward to having a wonderful time in Vandy!

Amanda Wojcinski

Amanda W  Amanda is from Buffalo NY known for its lake-effect snow, chicken wings, and ...ahem... interesting sports teams. She went to Houghton College, a very small Christian college in New York. Here, she studied Intercultural Studies with concentrations in Missions and International Development. As a student, she studied abroad in Tanzania, East Africa, and returned post graduation as the Teaching Assistant for the same program. Amanda has spent this past year and two summers working with refugees living in Buffalo through AmeriCorps. She loves learning about different cultures (and eating their food), drinking coffee, playing with kids, playing tennis, smiling (a lot), drinking coffee.

Mo Xu

Mo  Mo Xu, is a graduate student of Peabody (IEPM) who comes from Beijing, China. Cooking, music and extreme sports become so much a part of her daily life. What is she looking forward to at Nashville? Share amazing Chinese food with all friends.

Yan Yang

Yan  This girl, Yan Yang, comes from Beijing. She spent her college in Nanjing, majoring in English and then she moved to Beijing to start her new teaching life in the biggest teaching and research institution in China. She is big fan of skiing and loves traveling around the world. She is very excited about moving to Nashville and looking forward to meeting new friends and exploring the music city.

Yu Zhang

  Photo and Biography Unavailable

Saad Rahim Zubair

  Photo and Biography Unavailable