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Our Students

Students in the Leadership and Organizational Performance program come from all over the world; the United States, South Korea, Romania, Afghanistan, Germany, China, Canada, Japan, Abu Dhabi, and India. They are fascinating individuals like: 

CovertJeremy Covert, Nashville, Tennessee (Fall 2013). “I'm a consulting professional with 12 years of ‘Big 4’ experience in both the public and private sectors. I currently serve as the U.S. Learning Lead for the Deloitte Analytics Integrated Market Offering, a cross-functional Deloitte organization responsible for providing thought leadership, methods, tools and solutions that raise the eminence and capabilities of Deloitte member firms in the Business Analytics Marketplace. I chose Peabody's LOP program because of its unique hands-on curriculum that focuses on preparing practitioners to solve organizations' most pressing adaptive challenges. The skills I am gaining in the program are enabling me to move beyond the standard aspects of technical performance to understand how organizations and individuals make meaning from their environments, generate new learning, and anchor positive change as a matter of habit.”

They hail from a variety of industries and fields, including:

  • For-profit (health care, consulting, publishing, manufacturing, automotive)
  • Nonprofit (children, families, recovery/addiction, wellness/fitness)
  • Government (federal/state, military, educational public service)
  • Education (K-12, high school, college/university)
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Information Technology

And they are dedicated to their education, and making a positive difference.  Consider: 

JohnsonKendra Johnson, Kansas City, MO (Spring 2014). “I plan to open a charter school, maybe even a network of charter schools in the future. When I was applying to graduate schools, I felt that there were certain skills and traits that were instrumental in leading a successful school, but were not offered in traditional School Leadership/Administration degree programs. For example, school principals manage very large budgets, lead teams of adults to accomplish ambitious goals, and answer to stakeholders for the results their teams produce. I didn't want to learn how to do these things my first day on the job, so I chose the LOP Program because it was specifically focused on developing and training leaders to run successful organizations, regardless of the industry. I view the knowledge and theory we learn in this program through the lens of education, but I have many classmates who have different interests. So I also appreciate that the focus of the LOP Program is still broad enough to attract students with diverse interests and perspectives, making the learning experience much more meaningful for me. Overall, this program has given me exposure to learning new content and developing new skills that have helped me clarify and refine the vision for my career.”

OliverDan Oliver, Nashville, TN, (fall 2013). “I chose the LOP program because it aligns with the way I view organizations: people matter most. The program's focus on the human side of business and management partnered with its unique blend of theory with real-world practice have proven to be extremely valuable for me in my professional and personal endeavors. After graduating, I plan to work in the coaching and consulting fields, helping organizations become remarkable by leveraging and developing their best resource: their people.”

And, they have experience in a variety of roles, such as:

  • Development and fundraising
  • Entrepreneurial ventures
  • Operations management
  • Research and development
  • Quality assurance
  • Staff functions

Our Graduates depart Peabody prepared to become thought leaders as managers, consultants, military officers, policy makers, nonprofit executives, educators, and entrepreneurs. 

BaekJuyong Baek,, South Korea (Summer 2013). “The Leadership and Organizational Performance (LOP) program provides various theories and approaches about management and organization. The best faculty and my cohort helped my learning process whenever I've faced difficulties. I've been able to understand solutions and better approaches to problems I've experienced when I've worked for the South Korea Army for 10 years. It was the best choice for me to choose this program.”


 Lieutenant Bria Chambers, USN, Collierville, Tennessee (Fall 2013). “My career plan is to continue as a Naval Officer (more specifically: Surface Warfare Officer in the United States Navy, but post-LOP I hope to transfer into the Navy Intelligence Community). I chose LOP because I recognized a unique opportunity to hone the abilities that I have been developing in my professional life since undergraduate school, while building new skills, competencies, and networks. My experience so far has gone above and beyond my expectations, as, in addition to receiving a top-tier education, I have had the opportunity to meet, befriend, and learn from a remarkable faculty and student community.”

FaquiriMansoor Faquiri, Afghanistan (Spring 2014). “I started the LOP M.Ed. Program at Peabody with a vague idea of serving the Afghan people. I did not know where to start and how I can help them specifically. During my first year, with some assistance from the program, I was able to find a huge market opportunity, create a business plan for a training company, do the market research, draw projections and start developing the curriculum. By graduation, I am hoping to have most of the building blocks to start my own company. Thank you Vanderbilt, I could not do it without you.”