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Higher Education Leadership and Policy

HEA program

The Higher Education Leadership and Policy program consistently receives a ranking within the top 10 of such programs in the United States. We offer courses that fulfill requirements for three degrees: the Masters in Education in Higher Education Administration, the Doctorate in Education in Higher Education Leadership and Policy, and the Doctor of Philosophy in Leadership and Policy Studies with a concentration in Higher Education.

Higher education as an academic field of study seeks an understanding of the external and internal environments of colleges and universities as social institutions. The external environment includes the higher education systems of the world, U.S. national and state policies, and policy-makers, parents, and prospective donors to colleges and universities. 

The environment internal to colleges and universities includes colleges and universities as organizations, academic programs, and such key stakeholders as members of the administration, faculty members, and students. 

Our internationally and nationally known faculty conduct research in such diverse areas as higher-education history, governance, finance, economics, policy and politics, race and ethnic relations, fund raising, college student departure, college student success, student affairs, the academic profession, service learning, and international comparisons.

We invite you to explore the web pages of our faculty members to learn more about their programs of research and scholarship and to view their publications, service to the academic community through their editorships and their service on the editorial boards of various journals, as well as their extensive consulting to colleges and universities, governmental agencies in the United States and other nations. In addition to a strong commitment to research and scholarship, the faculty embrace a commitment to the growth and development of our students. This commitment finds expression in the classroom and through a high level of out-of-class accessibility to the students in our degree programs.

Our courses are firmly grounded in the bodies of theory, research, and conceptual understandings that scholars of higher education and other academic disciplines have produced. These courses, however, also stress the application of theory, conceptual understandings, and research to issues of policy and practice embedded in both the external and internal environments of higher education.

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