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Current Job Market Candidates

Chris Bennett     Ph.D. Candidate in Higher Education Leadership and Policy Studies

Michael Crouch    Ph.D. Candidate in K-12 Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

Walter G. Ecton   Ph.D. Candidate in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

Chris Bennett Chris Bennett

Dissertation Title: "Higher education advances: Examining predictors of graduate school enrollment, employers' perceptions of master's degrees, and contingent faculty unionization"

Dissertation Committee: Will Doyle, Angela Boatman, Matthew Shaw, Brent Evans, Raj Darolia

Research Interests: Higher Education Policy, College Access, Graduate Education, Academic Workforce



Michael Crouch Michael Crouch

Dissertation Title: Welcome Back, Teacher: Understanding Teacher Effectiveness After an Extended Absence from the Classroom 

Dissertation Committee: Christopher Candelaria (Chair), Jason Grissom, Carolyn J. Heinrich, Gary T. Henry 

Research Interests: Teacher Labor Market Economics, Education Finance, School Choice, Quantitative Methods 



Walter G. Ecton Walter G. Ecton

Dissertation Title:  Three Essays on Career and Technical Education

Dissertation Committee:  Shaun M. Dougherty (chair), Carolyn J. Heinrich, William R. Doyle, Celeste K. Carruthers

Research Interests:  Secondary and postsecondary education policy; Career and technical education; Transitions between high school, higher education and the workforce; Community colleges; Politics of education; Quantitative methods.