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LPO Research and Outreach

National Center on Scaling Up Effective Schools (NCSU)
This national research and development center focuses on identifying the combination of essential components and the programs, practices, processes and policies that make some high schools in large urban districts particularly effective with low income students, minority students, and English Language Learners. Then the Center will work with teachers and school and district leaders to develop processes to share these practices with less effective schools.

National Center on Performance Initiatives
Established in 2006 through a major research and development grant from the Institute of Education Sciences, the National Center on Performance Incentives conducts scientific, comprehensive research on the effects of performance incentives in education.

National Center on School Choice
The Center on School Choice aims at conducting scientific, comprehensive, and timely investigation on individual and systemic effects of school choice and competition. The center assumes national intellectual leadership with regard to coordinating efforts of multiple disciplines, methodologies, and substantive issues that are associated with the design, implementation, and effects of school choice. The center is funded by the United States Department of Education's Institute of Education Sciences.

Peabody Journal of Education
The Peabody Journal of Education (PJE), is America's second longest existing publication devoted to educational research, practice, and policy. PJE is committed to providing information and reasoned opinion that will enhance understanding and practice among institutions and individuals, in the United States and throughout the world, concerned with human learning and development.


Improving the Effectiveness of Digital Educational Tools - Heinrich

AIM Project - Does Teacher's Induction Affect Knowledge, Teaching, and Student Achievement? (a.k.a. "AIM")

POINT - Project on Incentives in Teaching - Springer and Ballou

Achievement Trade-Offs and No Child Left Behind - Ballou

The Development and Validation of the Vanderbilt Assessment of Leadership in Education - Goldring

Making the Most of Complex Longitudinal Datasets for the Estimation of Teacher Effects - Springer

National Research and Development Center on School Choice, Competition, and Achievement - Goldring

National Study of Schools of Choice in NWEA - Goldring

Performance Incentives: Their Growing Impact on American K-12 Education - Springer

Statistical Methods to Control for Covariates in Teacher Value-Added Assessment - Ballou

The Impact of Curriculum Alignment and Leadership Training on Student Performance - Goldring


Research Briefs on School Choice

Public School Choice: Magnet Schools, Peer Effects, and Student Achievement
PI: Dale Ballou

Longitudinal Analysis on Student Choice Patterns
PI: Dale Ballou

Opening the Black Box in Choice and Regular Public Schools: A Study of What Makes Schools Work
PI: Ellen Goldring

Parent Satisfaction and Involvement in Schools of Choice
PIs: Ellen Goldring and Claire Smrekar

School Accountability under No Child Left Behind
PI: Matthew Springer

Indianapolis Charter School Study
PIs: Ellen Goldring and Claire Smrekar