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Selected Recent Publications

Peabody scholars in educational leadership and policy produce a steady stream of reports and journal articles that add to the knowledge base and suggest ways to improve practice. Here are several of our faculty’s recent publications.

Improving literacy: Investing in reading coaching and evaluation in Tennessee
Schwartz, N., Booker, Laura, & Rollins, A. (2019). In Evidence works: Cases where evidence meaningfully informed policy .  Washington, DC: Bipartisan Policy Center

Court-Ordered Finance Reforms in the Adequacy Era: Heterogeneous Causal Effects and Sensitivity
Candelaria, C. A. and Shores, K. A. (2019). Education Finance and Policy, 14(1), 31-60. 

Building Student Ownership and Responsibility: Examining Student Outcomes from a Research-Practice Partnership
Cannata, Marisa Christopher Redding & Tuan D. Nguyen (2019). Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness, 12:3, 333-362 

Can growth in the availability of STEM technical education improve equality in participation?: evidence from Massachusetts
Dougherty, Shaun M. & Isabel Harbaugh Macdonald (2019), Journal of Vocational Education & Training

Implementing Measurement-Based Care in Behavioral Health: A Review
Lewis, C. C., Puspitasari, A., Boyd, M., Navarro, E., Howard, J., Kassab, H., Hoffman, M., Scott, K., Lyon, A., Douglas, Susan, Simon, G., & Kroenke, K. (2018). JAMA Psychiatry, 76(3), 324-335.

To Be Strict on Your Own”: Black and Latinx Parents Evaluate Discipline in Urban Choice Schools
Golann, Joanne W., Debs, Mira, and Anna Weiss. 2019. American Educational Research Journal

Strategic Retention: Principal Effectiveness and Teacher Turnover in Multiple-Measure Teacher Evaluation Systems
Grissom, Jason A., and Brendan Bartanen. 2019. American Educational Research Journal 56(2): 514-555

A Look Inside Online Educational Settings in High School: Promise and Pitfalls for Improving Educational Opportunities and Outcomes
Heinrich, Carolyn J., Jennifer Darling-Aduana, Annalee Good and Huiping Cheng. 2019. American Educational Research Journal.

School turnaround policies and practices: Learning from failed school reform
Murphy, Joseph and Bleiberg, J. ( 2019 ). Springer.

Social context of magnet schools
Smrekar, Claire. (2019). In M. Berends, A. Primus & M. Springer (Eds), Handbook of research on school choice, 2nd edition . New York: Routledge.