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Clinical Psychological Assessment Curriculum and Degree Requirements

Program Curriculum

Overall Requirement: 39 credit hours over two years

Core Clinical Courses (required by all students):

  • PSY-GS 301A: Biological Bases of Behavior
  • PSY-GS 309: Statistics
  • PSY-GS 312: Personality/Behavioral Assessment
  • PSY-GS 317: Psychological Measurement
  • PSY-GS 340: Psychopathology
  • PSY-GS 343: Cognitive Assessment
  • PSY-GS 353: Professional Ethics
  • PSY-GS 361: Cognitive Development
  • PSY-GS 363: Social Development

Elective course in clinical psychology may include:

  • PSY-GS 336: Behavioral Pediatrics and Child Health Psychology
  • PSY-GS 352: Seminar in Clinical Psychology: Cognitive Therapy for Depression and Related Disorders
  • PSY-GS 366: Psychological Interventions with Children
  • PSY-GS 396: Psychobiology of Stress and Coping
  • PSY-GS 396: Special Topics Seminar in Clinical Psychological Assessment
  • PSY-GS 396: Special Topics Seminar in Clinical Psychological Intervention
  • PSY-GS 323: Practicum in Psychological Assessment

Clinical Practicum

Students will complete a clinical practicum during their second year of training, working alongside licensed psychologists in the community. Various clinical assessment experiences are available, allowing students to pursue areas of personal interest.

Final Comprehensive Portfolio

The program culminates in a final comprehensive portfolio of students' two-year graduate training experiences in lieu of a thesis.  The portfolio is a collection of work-related products, organized in a systematic manner, that demonstrates what the student has achieved.  This includes practice-related skills that are traditionally difficult to measure through traditional examinations.  The portfolio is evaluated by CPA faculty to determine student achievement of expected competencies and readiness for graduation.