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Vanderbilt Early Development Lab

lab play area

Welcome to the Early Development Lab at Vanderbilt University. We study how very young children first understand and use simple symbols such as video images and pictures. Our research has revealed that it is surprisingly difficult for very young children to use information from a symbol to solve a problem. Some of our current research includes studying what toddlers learn from videos and how video games affect older children. You can see these studies along with other Vanderbilt research opportunities here.

Our research depends on parents and children volunteering their time to participate, so come join us.

How to Participate
Call the Early Development Lab at (615) 343-4681 or email If your child is the correct age for one of our current studies, we will schedule your family right away. If your child is not the correct age for one of our current studies, we will enter your information into our secure database of families and contact you in the future.

We welcome all families that are interested in participating, so please feel free to pass on our information to your friends, neighbors and relatives in the Nashville area.

Learn more about having your child participate in research.