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School-Based Resources

Students conducting research with infants, children and adolescents often recruit participants at local schools, preschools, and day-care centers. Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools has a close working relationship with researchers in the Department of Psychology and Human Development, and many Peabody faculty members and students conduct their research through the public school system. In addition, the department maintains a database of research participants. This database includes children whose families have expressed an interest in participating in child development research and is a valuable research tool for both faculty and graduate students.

Research also is conducted at Peabody's Susan Gray School, an early intervention program serving young children, birth to five years of age, and their families. In addition to providing center-based, home-based, and community-based services in settings that include typically developing children, the School is a site for research on early intervention and early childhood development. The Susan Gray School is also a setting for training future teachers and researchers, and for demonstrating educational models serving young children who are at risk developmentally.