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Honors Programs in Psychology, Child Development, Cognitive Studies, and Child Studies

A&S Psychology Majors register for PSY 2990
Peabody Child Development, Cognitive Studies, Child Studies Majors register for PSY 4998 each semester

Honors Program Directors: Professor Jo-Anne Bachorowski, 307 Wilson Hall,; Professor Megan M. Saylor, 319b Hobbs,

Overview of the Honors Program
The Honors Program offers students the opportunity to gain more intensive experience conducting scientific research with a faculty mentor than is usually possible within a standard major. Participation in the program affords students the chance to collaborate on cutting-edge research in their major area, and to gain research skills and experiences that are of considerable value not only in preparation for graduate training but also in a variety of work settings. Students apply to participate in this program in the spring of their sophomore year, and the program is open to majors in Psychology, Child Development, Cognitive Studies, or Child Studies as a first or second major who maintain at least a 3.3 GPA. Participants in the Honors program work collaboratively with their research mentor during their junior and senior years. Participation in the program culminates in the completion of an Honors Thesis and a presentation of the research conducted as a part of the thesis.

The program is flexible enough to accommodate students who need to student teach and students who want to spend a semester abroad. Students who successfully complete the Honors Program and maintain an overall GPA of at least 3.3 will graduate with the special designation of "Honors" in their Psychology, Child Development, Cognitive Studies, or Child Studies major.

Applying for the program
Ideally, arrangements should be negotiated with the faculty mentor, the completed application to the program should be turned into the program director, and the student should be registered for PSY 3980 or PSY 4998 by the end of Fall Pre-registration in the spring of the student's sophomore year. However, it is possible to register for required courses and to participate in the Honors Program (assuming all other requirements are met) right up through the end of the drop/add period at the start of fall classes.

Honors Program Application

Expectations and requirements of the honors program

Tips on Finding a Mentor (pdf)

Archive of Psychology Honors Theses