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Peabody presenters at 2021 CEC conference

  • The Future of RTI/MTSS: Douglas Fuchs, Lynn Fuchs, Devin Kearns, Jason Borges, Rebecca Zumeta-Edmonds
  • Effects of Adding Mindset Intervention for Upper Elementary Students With Reading Difficulties: Jeanne Wanzek, Christopher Lemons
  • Enhancing Intensive Intervention Research and Implementation Capacity Through Collaborative Doctoral Training: Rebecca Zumeta-Edmonds, Joseph Wehby, Christerralyn Brown, Caitlyn Majeika
  • Designing and Adapting Self-Monitoring Interventions to Improve Behavior: Allison Bruhn, Joseph Wehby, Allison Gilmour, Eleanor Hancock, Alyssa Van Camp
  • Attract Them and Keep Them! Recruiting and Retaining Novice Special Education Teachers: Andrea Capizzi, Alexandra Da Fonte
  • Essential Components for Teaching Students to Solve Word Problems: Sarah Powell, Pamela Seethaler, Lynn Fuchs
  • Evidence-Based Mathematics Interventions for Elementary Students: The New IES Practice Guide: Russell Gersten, Lynn Fuchs, Nicole Bucka
  • Prioritizing and Accelerating Instruction as We Return to In Person Learning: Rebecca Zumeta-Edmonds, Lynn Fuchs, Sharon Vaughn
  • Who is Counted in Child Count? Understanding Population Data for Students With Visual Impairments: Rachel Schles
  • A Reliable Friend in a Time of Change: Free Professional Development from the IRIS Center: Pamela Lehman, Naomi Tyler
  • An IRIS for Every Occasion: Everything New From Our OSEP-Funded Center: Naomi Tyler, Kim Skow
  • Arr Matey! Solving Math Word Problems Like a Pirate: BrittanyLee Martin, Lynn Fuchs, Pamela Seethaler
  • Predicting Comorbid Reading and Mathematics Disability Using Fluency Based Screening Assessments: BrittanyLee Martin, Lynn Fuchs
  • The Pathway to Work: Connecting Youth With Severe Disabilities to Paid Employment: Michele Schutz, Jessica Awsumb, Erik Carter, Ben Schwartzman, & Leah Burgess
  • Mapping Interventions Evaluated Through Employment Outcomes: A Review of the Literature: Michele Schutz
  • Creating a team environment: What should I do to support my paraeducator?: Alexandra Da Fonte, Andrea Capizzi
  • Supporting Social Flourishing: A Peer-Mediated Intervention to Develop ECC Skills: Michael Tuttle
  • Registered Reports: A New Approach to Publishing Research: Bryan Cook, William Therrien, Conrad Doabler, Robin Ennis, Erin Barton, Jason Travers
  • Introducing the PROGRESS Center: Promoting Progress for Students with Disabilities, an OSEP-funded TA Center: Tessie Bailey, Amy Colpo, Douglas Fuchs
  • ECHO Reading: A Medical Model of Virtual Professional Development Applied to Educators: Sissy A. Peters and Sage E. Pickren

 The IRIS Center will also have a booth in the exhibit hall.