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Student Awards and Publications

Student Presentation


Our doctoral students have been the recipients of numerous awards and honors, both during their program and after graduation. Below is a list of selected awards:

  • Alice H. Hayden Emerging Leader Award: Jenn Bumble (2017), Elizabeth Biggs (2016), Samantha Goldman (2014), and Matthew Brock (2012)
  • AAIDD Student Award: Jenn Bumble (2018), Mario Mello (2017), and Megan Griffin (2012)
  • ASLHA Early Career Contributions in Research: Megan Roberts (2015)
  • AUCD Anne Rudigier Award: Meghan Burke (2010)
  • CEC Distinguished Early Career Award: Paul Morgan (2012), Kristen McMaster (2011), Stephanie Al Otaiba (2010), Erik Carter (2009), Frank Symons (2006), and Patricia Mathes (2001)
  • CEC Early Career Publication Award: Allison Bruhn (2014), Chris Lemons (2013), Sarah Powell (2011), and Brian Reichow (2010)
  • CEC Division of Research Doctoral Scholar: Brandy Gatlin (2015) and Shawn Kent (2014)
  • CEC Student Research Award: Kathleen Artman-Meeker, Quantitative (2011)
  • CEC-Division for Early Childhood 2009 J. David Sexton Doctoral Student Award: Kathleen Artman-Meeker (2009)
  • Council on Research and Evaluation (CORE) Research Award: Carly Gilson (2017) and Samantha Goldman (2015)
  • David Zeaman Student Award, Gatlinburg Conference: Jennifer Frey (2012), Meghan Burke (2010), Samantha Goldman (2009)
  • Dissertation Award for Outstanding Doctoral Level Research, Division of Learning Disabilities, CEC: Jessica Namkung (2014), Sarah Powell (2010), Pamela Seethaler, (2008), Paul Morgan (2005), Kristen McMaster (2003)
  • Robert M. Gagne Student Research Award: Shawn Kent (2015)
  • Lydia Donaldson Tutt-Jones Memorial Research Grant, African American Success Foundation: Brandy Gatlin (2012)
  • Think College! Emerging Scholar:Megan Griffin (2011)
  • Theodore Tjossem Postdoctoral Award, Gatlinburg Conference: Maria Fisher (2013)


Doctoral students collaborate with faculty and other students on both research and dissemination activities. A list of selected student publications can be found at the link below:

Doctoral Student Publications