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Visual Disabilities (M.Ed.)

The Program in Visual Disabilities at Peabody College has been preparing master’s level professionals to teach children and adolescents with low vision and blindness for over 60 years. Field-based experiences allow students to apply the disability-specific content that they acquire in on-campus courses. These field experiences include collaboration with teachers of students with visual impairments in itinerant, resource-room, and specialized school environments, as well as experiences with low vision clinics at the Vanderbilt Eye Institute. To learn to provide exemplary services to children and adolescents with visual impairments, from birth to age 22, future teachers of students with visual impairments will learn to:

Visual disabilities

  • Provide access to the general curriculum for students in inclusive settings through appropriate modifications and accommodations
  • Provide instruction in the disability specific areas of the expanded core curriculum for students with visual impairments
  • Complete essential, specialized assessments for students with visual impairments and then use assessment results to plan, implement, and continuously monitor progress
  • Link specific visual conditions to the structure and function of the visual system and identify implications of visual conditions for education
  • Read and write braille and identify the similarities and differences in literacy instruction for braille readers
  • Collaborate with orientation and mobility specialists to promote safe and efficient travel of students with visual impairments, as well as to promote concept development that serves as a foundation for orientation and mobility
  • Collaborate with low vision specialists to provide instruction in the use of optical devices
  • Identify and use specialized assistive technology devices to access the core curriculum and promote the attainment of the expanded core curriculum
  • Use specialized resources and strategies that are unique to students with visual impairments

For master’s level students who are admitted to our program, we provide

  • Full tuition for students who are already licensed to teach
  • Part and full time opportunities
  • Flexible practicum experiences for fall, spring, and summer sessions
  • Stipends for full time students for three semesters of study

Contact: Karen Blankenship or Deborah Hatton
Phone: 615-322-2249