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Preparation of Certified Behavior Analysts With Advanced Knowledge in Special Education

The Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Program prepares master’s level professionals to provide effective instructional and behavioral supports to individuals with disabilities within multi-tiered systems and interdisciplinary teams. Our goal is to prepare certified behavior analysts with advanced knowledge in Special Education and ABA by integrating content in the context of coursework, internships, and capstone projects. Our training program is a 2-year program including both coursework and internships approved by the BACB 4th edition standards. The program culminates in a capstone project aligned with each student’s professional goals.

Accepted Master’s students receive:

  • Full tuition funding (if student already has teacher licensure)
  • Opportunities to work on innovative research projects
  • Strong mentorship from leading faculty in Applied Behavior Analysis

The Department of Special Education is the top-ranked program in the nation. Applied Behavior Analysis faculty include professors Erin Barton, Joseph Lambert, Jennifer Ledford, Blair Lloyd, and Joseph Wehby.

Application Process:
Applicants must have three letters of recommendation, a 3.0+ GPA, strong GRE scores, and a compelling written statement. Preference will be given to applicants who have teacher licensure in Special Education or who plan to obtain licensure as part of their master’s program.

For general information about the application process, contact Kelly Limina at (615) 322-8195 or

For more information about the ABA master’s program, contact Professors Joseph Wehby ( or Blair Lloyd (

Generous funding for this training is provided by a five-year personnel preparation grant from the Office of Special Education Programs (H325K141194).