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Core Curriculum

The ELL M.Ed. Program comprises two strands: Teaching English Learners in the U.S. or Teaching English Internationally . Click below to explore the curriculum for both the domestic and International strands.

Elective Options

Electives: To fit your personal interests and professional goals, choose elective courses in a foreign language; courses leading to other endorsements or certifications; graduate level courses in instructional methods, reading, or English education; or coursework approved by your advisor. Examples of electives taken by past students are included below, but this is by no means a comprehensive list.

  • ENED 6340 Reading and Learning with Print and New Media
  • ENED 6370 Teaching Literature and Media to Adolescents
  • ENED 6380 Teaching Writing and Multimedia Composition
  • EDUC 6460 Language, Education, and Diversity
  • EDUC 7500 Race, Identity, and Agency. 
  • EDUC 6060 Cultural Diversity in American Education
  • ENED 6200 Teaching Literature in Elementary Classrooms
  • ENED 6360 Literature, Popular Culture, and New Media
  • HOD 8200 Community Development Organization and Policy
  • EDUC 6570 Teaching Second Language Literacy
  • SLS 7040 Second Language Acquisition Theories and Research
  • ENED 6080 Advanced Study of Literature for Children and Adolescents
  • ELL Language and Literacy Development
  • IEPM 6200 Education in Asia-Pacific Region: Development, Reform, and Innovation
  • EDUC 7500 Critical Race Theory: Race and Racism in Education