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Learning and Design (M.Ed.)

Course Schedule


The Learning and Design M.Ed. program is a 10-month program spanning mid-July to graduation in early May, and involves 31 credit hours.  Coursework for the program focuses on three interrelated core emphases: learning, design, and diversity. This common core includes 16 credit hours. There are 15 credit hours of electives which will be taken during the fall and spring semesters.

The table below shows the classes required for the core courses and the Capstone course. You can find out more about the elective classes you can choose by looking at our sample elective trajectories page.





Learning Core

EDUC 7100 - Learning Out of School

EDUC 6030 - Learning and Instruction


Design Core


EDUC 6080 - Designing for Contexts

EDUC 7810 - Inquiry Into Contexts

Diversity Core

EDUC 8040 - Diversity and Equity in Education






Choose 2 classes from the list of electives

 Choose 3 classes from the list of electives



EDUC 7992 - Capstone Seminar

EDUC 7992 - Capstone Seminar register for 0 credit hours


6 hours

13 hours

12 hours

 Frequently Asked Questions

What is the class schedule like? Class contact time in the Fall semester is for 3 hours a week per class, usually with 3 to 4 hours of reading associated with each class. Most classes have a fieldwork component which expects you to undertake research in a site of learning outside of class time. This varies according to the course so it could include 4 visits during the semester tutoring at an afterschool program or spending a morning a week in a school. Most of the current cohort of students work up to 20 hours a week around classes but these jobs are flexible to fit around course hours. The Summer classes are intense 4 to 5 contact hours per day with additional reading.

What are the class start dates? The 2017 summer session classes will start July 11th, with an orientation day on July 10th for the L and D program. This orientation day will run from 9am to 11am. Summer classes run until August 11th. The Fall semester classes start on Wednesday August 23rd 2017, Monday and Tuesday of that week are orientation days for all graduate students.

Does the program look at teacher education programs? Not directly, but that could be the focus of an inquiry project, internship or fieldwork element for a class.

What kind of fieldwork opportunities are there? Current students have conducted fieldwork at local Middle and High schools within the Metro Nashville Public School network, museums such as the Country Music Hall of Fame education department and the Frist Center, Vanderbilt University Medical School Pediatrics department, local non-profit organizations working with homeless, immigrant and refugee populations (Conexion Americas, Oasis Center, Nashville Rescue Mission) and sports coaching programs. The fieldwork component is central to the program which aims to explore what learning actually looks like in different contexts, not just the theory behind learning. More details can be found through the community partners link.

What do graduates do with a L and D Masters Degree? Our alumni are currently employed in teaching positions, are involved with further research PhD programs, work in school related non-teaching roles such as residential counselling, working in teaching administration, curriculum designers and working for non-profit organizations teaching in countries such as Lebanon and Pakistan. Detailed profiles of some of our alumni can be found on the alumni page.