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M.Ed. and Secondary Education Licensure Program

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The Secondary Education Program at Peabody values diversity as an educational resource, and our work in Nashville mirrors a commitment to urban settings. Currently, the program attracts candidates who want to take on the challenges and rewards of teaching diverse, historically marginalized learners. We prepare candidates to teach in urban schools for urban schools.  In truth, they are prepared to work in any school and with any student population. Our graduates secure teaching positions and succeed in a full range of school settings. 

The program in secondary education at Peabody College reflects three important educational insights, insights that are theoretically grounded, research supported and practice based:

Teaching and learning is always subject specific.
Candidates will encounter courses and experiences rooted in their particular content area of interest, as well as courses in the shared practice and profession of teaching.  Our faculty with content area expertise provides personal mentoring throughout the program.

Student thinking is the most important resource available to the teacher.
Teacher competency of subjects unquestionably matters, and Peabody teachers leave with solid content knowledge.  However, the exceptional teacher is one who connects with students' initial ideas, strategies and theories, whatever their background.   We see the diversity of students as the very grounds for growth.  

Learning to teach occurs through practice.
Teaching is a complex process that happens in interactions over time, requiring both the opportunity to act and space to reflect. Thus, we constantly revise the program design to find the optimal mix of theory and practice to ensure graduates are "safe to practice and ready to learn."  Fieldwork and residencies in the professional year with local schools prepare students to become teachers.

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Information Sheet about Secondary Education (M.Ed.)