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Master's Degree Scheduling Considerations

This page is offered to help master of education degree-seeking students plan their schedules. For licensure students in each of the two areas—elementary education, and secondary education— suggested schedules based on course availability. For students seeking advanced study, the courses and semesters when they are offered are listed below.

Look for expansion of course offering to be coming.

Professional Education Core  (For Licensure Students)
EDUC 3050 Advanced Social and Philosophical Aspects of Education Fall
EDUC 3110 Psychological Foundations of Education Fall, Summer
EDUC 3500 Foundations of Education Fall, Summer
SPED 3000 Education and Psychology of Exceptional Learners Fall, Spring, Summer
EDUC 3520 Principles of ELL Education (Secondary) Fall, Summer
EDUC 3520 Principles of ELL Education Elementary) Summer
Professional Education Core (Non-Licensure)
EDUC 3170 Analysis of Teaching Fall
EDUC 3200 Foundations in Learning and Development Spring
EDUC 3620 Principles of Curriculum Development Fall
EDUC 3830 Action Research Spring
EDUC 3900 Introduction to Qualitative Methods Spring
Elementary Education Offerings
EDUC 3416 Theory and Practice of Literacy Education in Elementary Grades Fall
EDUC 3417 Theory and Practice of Writing in Elementary Grades Fall
EDUC 3418 Teaching Literacy for Diverse Learners Spring
ENED 3000 Teaching Literature in the Preschool and Elementary Classrooms Fall
ENED 3500 Advanced Study of Literature for Children Spring
MTED 3200 Mathematics Concepts for Elementary Teachers Fall
MTED 3250 Advanced Teaching of Mathematics in the Elementary School Spring
SCED 3200 Science Concepts for Elementary Teachers Fall
SCED 3250 Advanced Teaching of Science in Elementary Schools Spring
SSED 3250 Advanced Teaching of Social Studies in Elementary Schools Fall
Literacy courses are offered both Fall and Spring  (see Reading Education sheet)
Secondary Education Offerings
MTED 3370 Adv. Teaching of Mathematics in Sec. Schools Fall
SCED 3370 Adv. Teaching of Science in Sec. Schools Fall
SSED 3370 Adv. Teaching of Social Science in Sec. Schools Fall
EDUC 3510 Advanced Teaching in Secondary Schools Spring, Summer
ENED 3370 Teaching Literature and Media to Adolescents Fall
ENED 3380 Teaching Writing and Multimedia Composition Fall
ENED 3040 Perspectives on the English Language Fall
ENEd 3400 Reading and Learning with Print and New Media Fall, Spring
ENED 3920 Literature, Popular Culture and New Media Spring, Summer
Licensure Only Courses
HMED 3250 Introduction to Arts Education Fall, Spring, Summer