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LDUS Year at a Glance
LDUS Coursework

Core Curriculum

There is a core of six classes that the LDUS cohort will take as a group: LDUS Seminar I & II in the Fall and Spring, LDUS Internship in the Fall and Spring, Foundations of Curriculum Development in the Fall, and Action Research in Education in the Spring.

Specialization + Electives

There is a unique opportunity in the LDUS program of study that allows students to develop a specialization that suits their research interest and needs. A total of twelve hours of electives are required for the LDUS program and at least nine hours should be related to a theme that is chosen by the student. 

Some of the possible concentrations are listed below:

Poverty & Intervention

Language, Literacy, & Culture

English as a Second Language (ESL)

Race & Culture

Learning in Community & Non-Profit Settings

Queer Pedagogy & Practice

General Education: Math, English, Social Studies, & Science


For more information about the LDUS program of study, click here. 

 More Information on the LDUS Seminar

In the namesake course of the program, students discuss the intersection of things urban, forms of diversity, and settings for learning.  The seminar begins with readings and discussion on critical urban geography and the particular issues associated with living in urban areas:  population density, employment and unemployment, transportation, and diversities of various kinds.  The topics segue to diversities, considering race, class, gender, linguistic culture, religion, gender and sexual orientation and the intersectionality that both clarifies and confounds the difference diversity makes.  Finally, students ask what kind of learning is necessary to function and flourish in places that are more or less “urban".  Students also ask how is learning offered in settings as diverse as schools and playgrounds, mosques and theaters, public media and public libraries.

To give you a snapshot of the LDUS Seminar, we are currently reading and discussing the news articles below, in addition to many selections from scholarly journals and books.

A Conversation with White People on Race

History Repeating

Black Lives and the Books of the Dead

Fair Housing Act

The Privilege Walk

Transforming White Fragility into Courageous Imperfection

Affordable Housing, Racial Segregation

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