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Message from the LDUS Director



Welcome to the Learning and Diversity in Urban Settings (LDUS) Program!

My name is Ana Christina da Silva, and I am a Professor of the Practice of Elective Learning in the Department of Teaching and Learning. I will be your program director. My general areas of research and interests center on issues of social justice and promoting equitable education for all learners. The LDUS program is designed to give you a real world entrance into engaging with local and worldwide communities and to provide you with ample opportunities to get to know learners and their pathways to learning within a variety of cultural locations and sociopolitical situations. In broad terms, participation in this program will entail building an understanding of the connections between learning theory and practice while, for example, studying, theorizing, and directly engaging with issues of place, language, ethnicity, race, and culture across diverse settings (e.g. neighborhoods, households, schools, and community organizations). Please feel free to contact me at any time.


Ana Christina da Silva                                                                                            

Professor of the Practice of Elective Learning