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Melanie Hundley

Teresa Dunleavy

Heather Johnson

Andy Hostetler

Recent Scholarship & Projects



Teresa Dunleavy:

  • has published "Delegating Mathematical Authority as a Means to Strive Toward Equity" in the Journal of Urban Mathematics Education volume 8 issue 1. 
  • has co-authored an article in press with S.S. Campbell called "Connecting University Coursework and Practitioner Knowledge through Mediated Field Experiences in Secondary Teacher Education Methods Courses" in Teaching Education Quarterly.


Andy Hostetler:

  • will be publishing an invited national book review for "Against Capitalist Education: What is Education For? By Nadim Bakhshov" in  Other Education: The Journal of Educational Alternatives this January 2016.

  • will be publishing an article in the March 2016 edition of Critical Education co-authored by T.S. Hawley and E. Mooney, called "Reconstruction of the Fables: The Myth of Education for Democarcy, Social Reconstruction and Education for Democratic Citizenship."

  • has published the article "Learning In and Through Practice: A Case Study of a Design-Based Residency Program" in A.R. Crowe and A. Cuenca's Rethinking Social Studies Teacher Education for 21st Century Citizenship. (2015, Dordrect, The Netherlands: Springer.)

Rethinking SS Teacher


Melanie Hundley:

  • has recently co-authored "Range of Reading & Text Complexity: Bringing Young Adult Historical Fiction to Life with Informational Texts" with Steven T. Bickmore, Paul E. Binford, and Jacquelin Bach. This is the third chapter of Judith A. Hayn, Jeffrey S. Kaplan, Amanda L. Nolen, and Heather A. Olvey's book Young Adult Nonfiction: Gateway to the Common Core.

Heather Johnson:



Emily Pendergrass:

  • co-published " 'I felt like my brain was going to explode and I was going to barf": Positioning Beginning Teachers as Struggling Readers" with D. Reynolds and presented it for the American Educational Research Association in Washington D.C. this year.   


Barb Stengel:

  • will be publishing a piece in an upcoming Educational Theory journal called "Educating Homo Oeconomicus? 'The Disadvantage of an Economic Spirit' for the Realization of Democracy & Education." 
  • is awaiting publication for "The Philosophy of Teaching," co-authored with Gert Biesta, in the AERA 5th Handbook of Research on Teaching.


Recent & Upcoming Conference Presentations

Teresa Dunleavy:

  • will be presenting in April 2016 on "Analyzing Classroom Interactions by Coordinating Status and Positioning Theories," a discussion session at the annual meeting of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Presession in San Francisco.
  • will be co-presenting with M. Zavala in April 2016 discussing the topic, "Who's In Charge? Teachers' Talk Cultivates Students' Mathematical Authority" at the annual National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Presession.

Heather Johnson:

  • will be presenting alongside C. Foote, E. Hogan, Amy Palmeri, R. Murley, and L. Barron on "Shaping Pre-Service Visions of Accomplished Teaching: Innovative Approaches Utilizing ATLAS and edTPA" at the Annual Conference of the American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education (AACTE) in Las Vegas, NV., in February 2016.
    • will be presenting with Jennifer Ufnar on "The Vanderbilt Scientist-Teacher Collaborative Apprenticeship: Enhancing Science Teaching and Learning in Middle Schools" at the National Science Teachers' Association (NSTA) conference in Nashville, TN this April 2016. She will be presenting at NSTA with Jennifer Ufnar and I. Thompson on "Recruiting STEM Talent and Designing Pathways for STEM Teaching."
    • will be presenting with K.K. Mawyer on "Uncovering Preservice Science Teachers' Tacit Reading Strategies" at the National Association of Research in Science Teaching (NARST) in Baltimore, MD this April 2016.

Melanie Hundley, Heather Johnson, Barb Stengel, Andy Hostetler & Teresa Dunleavy:

  • will be presenting "The Challenge of Language: Framing Academic and Disciplinary Language Practices for Pre-Service Teachers" at the Annual Conference of the American Association of Collges of Teacher Education (AACTE), a national presentation in Las Vegas, NV, this February 2016.

Heather Johnson, Andy Hostetler, and Melanie Hundley:

  • will be speaking alongside S. Daniels, Amy Palmeri, and L. Pray at the "Video Analysis for Pedagogical Sense-making among Teacher Learners across Disciplines", a symposium presented at the national Annual Conference of the American Education Research Association (AERA) in Washington DC this April 2016.

Emily Pendergrass:

  • spoke at a roundtable presentation last November called "Exploring the Guatemalan Revolution: Tree Girl by Mikaelson" for the Celebrating Diversity Within and Beyond the Classroom: Young Adult Literature, Equity & Social Justice conference, organized by the National Council of English Teachers.
  • gave a presentation at the National Council of English Teachers last November in Minneapolis, MN called "It's Like School Only Better:" Express, Engage, and Experience Literacies Outside the Classroom.
  • was the chair of What Does it Mean to Research "Here"?: Accounting for and Representing the Places and Spaces of our Literacy Research in December of last year. She was also the Alternative Session Chair at Literacy Research Association Annual Conference in Carlsbad, CA.


Graduate students Haley Perkins and Scott Willis will be presenting with Michael Neel and Andy Hostetler:

  • on "Geographic Literacy in Social Studies: Mapping History through Mobility," a practitional presentation at the annual Tennessee Council for the Social Studies (TNCSS) conference in Cool Springs, TN this March 2016.

Andy Hostetler, N. Merrifield, & C. Hardison:

  • will be presenting at TNCSS on "Mapping Music and the Civil Rights Movement" in March as well.


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