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Learning On the Move Workshop

Welcome to the Learning on the Move Workshop page!  Below you will find a brief summary of ideas and people who are engaged with exciting and dynamic forms of  research, teaching and technical practices and attended the Learning on the Move (LoM) workshop sponsored by the National Science Foundation June 14-16th in Nashville to build capacity for a new genre of Learning on the Move (LoM). 

Below are video examples of LoM:

Mobile City Science

Studying the Geography of a University Bubble

Below are some of the people and ideas building LoM:

LoM Image civil rights

Workshop Organizers:

Rogers Hall
Katie Taylor
Ananda Marin
Ben Rydal Shapiro

Keynote Presentations:

Josh Radinsky, Presentation Slides
Stuart Lynn, Presentation Links
David Gagnon, Presentation Slides
Katie Headrick Taylor Presentation Slides
Nicole Pinkard

People (click to read about their work)  

June, Ahn
Megan, Bang
Adam Bell
Corey Brady
Josh Danish
Jean-Mark DeBaud
Dan Furbish
David Gagnon
Mishuana Goeman
Melissa Gresalfi
Maren Hall-Wieckert
Chris Hoadley                 
Susan Jurow
Danielle Keifert
Kevin Leander
Robb Lindgren
Stuart Lynn
Jasmine Ma
James Mathews
Nicole Pinkard
Priya Pugh
Josh Radinsky
Britta Ricker
Erin Riesland
Ben Shapiro
Deborah Silvis
Heather Zimmerman
Sarah Van Wart


Schedule Link

Additional Information &  Readings/Publications (coming soon)