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Faculty Council

The Peabody College Faculty Council represents the educational aspects of the administration of the college, The faculty council develops and makes recommendations on the course curricula of the college, as well as policies for teaching coursework.

Current Council Representatives



Velma McBride Murry, HOD (elected 2015-16)

2017 – 2018

John Braxton, (Chair) LPO (elected 2015-16)

2017 – 2018

Nina Martin, PHD (elected 2015-16)

2017 – 2018

Andrea Capizzi, SPED (elected 2015 – 2016)

2017 – 2018

Jeannette Mancilla-Martinez, T&L (elected 2015 – 2016)

2017 – 2018



Patrick Schuermann,  LPO (elected 2015-16)

2016 – 2019

Jonathan (Jon) Lane, PHD (elected 2015-16)

2016 – 2019

Kimberly Bess, HOD 

March - May 2017

Amy Palmeri, T&L (elected 2014 – 2015)

2016 – 2017

Naomi Tyler, SPED (elected 2014 – 2015)

2016 – 2017


Brian Heuser, LPO (Faculty Senate Liaison)


Georgene Troseth, PHD

2016 - 2017


PFC Minutes

Faculty Constitution

2015-2016 Faculty Council Members

2012-2013 Faculty Council Members

College Procedural Guidelines for Appointment, Renewal, Promotion and Tenure at Peabody College of Vanderbilt University

(Approved by Peabody Faculty Council October 14, 2014)

Guidelines to be followed for all tenure-stream faculty appointments, reviews, and promotions and tenure, and non-tenure faculty appointments, reappointments and renewals.


Add/Change Course Forms

Course Change Form
Note: Typically, a change form should be used when a new course number does not need to be assigned.

Add a Course/New Course Form
Note: Classes that have been taught as a special topics course and you would like to be approved as its own course need to be on an add form.

Course changes and addition forms require departmental approval, indicated by the department chair's signature. Completed forms should be sent to your departmental representative on the curriculum committee (an electronic copy and a signed copy).

New Program or Track Approval Form

New Program/Track Approval Form

To send anonymous feedback to the Faculty Council, click on this survey link: