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Editorial Guidelines

Peabody Journal of Education: Issues of Leadership, Policy, and Organizations (PJE) publishes issues on topics related to formal education institutions serving students in early childhood, pre-school, primary, secondary, post-secondary, and tertiary education. PJE currently publishes five issues within each volume.

PJE welcomes proposals for entire issues rather than individual manuscripts. Issues are designed to address several dimensions of a common theme, as evidenced by the collaboration of multiple authors. Interests include education matters of both a domestic and an international nature, including topics that are linked to the social and organizational contexts in which formal and informal education take place.

PJE accepts for review unsolicited proposals for special issues - including designation of participating scholars and an outline of articles. Additionally, the editor cooperates with editorial board members to identify potential topics, guest editors, and contributors. In all cases, the Editor and Editorial Board will ensure that each issue is carefully reviewed and its articles comprise a high-quality contribution to understanding and practice.

Role of Guest Editors
PJE relies heavily on guest editors to coordinate and oversee each special issue. Guest editors are selected based on submission of a strong issue proposal and evidenced dedication to organizing a symposium of scholarly articles around a common subject matter. Guest editors are responsible for communicating directly with the authors, monitoring timely progress of the writing process, facilitating peer editing and ultimately bringing the issue to fruition.

Proposal Submission
Proposals to guest edit an issue of the PJE should include the following: (1) name of guest editor(s) and credentials; (2) rationale for devoting an issue to the chosen topic (approximately 200-400 words); (3) an outline of proposed articles, including potential titles, names of contributing authors and their respective institutions, and a brief statement about the topic of each article as planned (approximately 20-40 words); and (4) a loose timeline including an expected date to submit manuscripts to the PJE. Please keep in mind that each issue generally allows for 7-9 articles, depending on length.

To submit a prospectus for a special issue, please note submission requirements and send materials to PJE Editor Robert Crowson and Associate Editor Jayme Place. Electronic submissions are preferred. Contact the PJE office with any questions by email or phone (614-322-6562).

A detailed Instructions for Authors page contained in each issue of the PJE supports this overview of directives and provides more information about manuscript requirements.