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Peabody’s IRIS Center receives ACRES award

Published March 21, 2017

The Peabody IRIS Center, a valuable resource that brings educational research to bear into classrooms worldwide, has received the ACRES 2017 Exemplary Program Award for Educational Technology.

Presented by the American Council on Rural Special Education, the ACRES award recognizes the positive impact the IRIS Center has on education in rural communities.

The IRIS Center offers a variety of resources and services to suit a diverse set of instructional needs and circumstances, including:

  • Development of free, online resources about working with children and youth with disabilities,
  • Provide technical assistance, dissemination, and training activities geared toward college and university faculty, professional development providers, and practicing educators,
  • Improve the awareness, knowledge, and skills of current and future related service providers and educators.

The IRIS Center offers dozens of free, downloadable, teaching and training materials to meet these needs.

“Our work is particularly relevant to rural communities because our resources are open-access and online, so they are easily incorporated into distance education programs at the higher education level as well as at the professional development at the local school district level,” says Naomi Tyler, co-director of the IRIS Center.

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