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Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of elective choices, and course offerings are subject to change each year and semester. You will work with your advisor to individually tailor your own elective path.

Diversity & Equity Literacy English Language Learning STEM Education Context Education Policy & Business  

EDUC 6020 
Culturally Responsive Pedagogy

EDUC 6400
Literacy Development

EDUC 6510
Principles of English Language Learner Education

EDUC 7140
Discourse in STEM Classrooms


EDP 6120
Education Policy and School Reform

EDUC 6300
Advanced Social and Philosophical Aspects of Education

EDUC 6420 
Literacy for Diverse and Special Needs Learners

EDUC 6520  
Foundations for English Language Learner Education

EDUC 7300
Power & Identity in STEM

MTED 6380
Computers, Teaching, and Mathematical Visualizations

EDUC 6050
Parents, the School, and the Community

EDP 6130
American Education History and Policy

EDUC 6100
Development in Context: The Effects of Poverty

EDUC 6430  
Issues and Trends in Literacy Instruction

EDUC 6530  
Educational Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition

CS 6364
Intelligent Learning Environment

SSED 6240
Human Geography

EDP 6210
Teacher Policy

EDUC 6460
Language, Education and Diversity

EDUC 6450
Learning to Write: Theory & Research

EDUC 6570
Teaching Second Language Literacy

MTED 7330
Introduction to Literacies in Mathematics


LOP 6260
Executive Coaching

EDUC 7160  
Philosophy of Education

ENED 6080
Advanced Study of Literature for Children and Adolescents

EDUC 6580
Issues in English Language Learner Education Research: Research, Policy, and Instruction

SCED 7400
Modeling in the Secondary Science Classroom


LOP 6290
Talent Management

EDUC 7500
Humanizing Pedagogies

HOD 7120
Human Development and Prevention Science

ENED 6360
Literature, Popular Culture, and New Media


SCED 7330
Introduction to Literacies in Science


MGT 6449

Leading Strategic Innovation in Organizations

EDU 7500-04
Design for Diversity

ENED 6380
Teaching Writing and Multimedia Composition


MGT 6541/MGT 6542
Product Design & Development

   ENED 6410
Literature of Social Transformatio

UNIV 5225  
Social Entrepreneurship


SSED 7330
Intro to Literacies in the Social Studies


UNIV 5350  
Design Thinking, Design Doing