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Elementary Education + Teacher Licensure Fifth Year Program (for Vanderbilt students not majoring in Education)

Juniors at Vanderbilt University who decide to seek licensure in Elementary Education may apply during the end of their junor year to the master of education degree program.  Upon acceptance, course work taken during the senior year counts as elective credits in an undergraduate program.  Such coursework is applied toward licensure requirements which are part of the degree program.  The following courswork is suggested:

ENED 2200 (3) substitutes for ENED 6200 (3)

EDUC 3270 (2) subsitutes for EDUC 6200 (1)

EDUC 3720 (3) subsitutes for EDUC 6510 (3)

HMED 2250 (2) meets a licensure requirement

See Elementary Education  Teacher Licensure page for Course and Titles