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Secondary Education + Teacher Licensure (English) Coursework

Teaching English and New Media

This listing is designed to assist the M.Ed. Secondary Education student seeking initial licensure in English by combining the licensure requirements and the master's degree requirements in one single listing. 

The Master's Degree Requirements ( 39 semester hours minimum)

PROFESSIONAL CORE COURSES (also meets Licensure requirements) (6 semester hours minimum)

Humanistic Dimensions of Education and Behavioral Studies

  • ENED 6330 Social and Psychological Foundations of Adolescent Literacies (3)
  • SPED 7000 Educational Psychology of Exceptional Learners (3)

TEACHING-RELATED COURSE WORK (also meets Licensure requirements) (12 semester hours)

  • EDUC 6300 Advanced Social and Philosophical Aspects of Education (3)
  • EDUC 6310 Advanced Teaching in Secondary Schools (3)
  • EDUC 6510 Principles of  ELL Education (3)
  • ENED 6340 Reading and Learning with Print and New Media (3)

SUBJECT MATTER METHODS (6 semester hours)

  • ENED 6370 Teaching Literature and Media to Adolescents (3)
  • ENED 6380 Teaching Writing and Media Composition (3)


  • ENED 6371 Practicum in Secondary Education III (1)
  • ENED 6331 Field Experience in New Media (1)
  • EDUC 7972 Internship in Teaching: Secondary (6)
  • ENED 7973 Internship Seminar: Secondary (1)

ELECTIVES (6 semester hours)

  • ENED 6360 Literature, Popular Culture and New Media (3)
  • ENED 6310 Perspectives on the English Language (3)

(This assumes that the student has had no previous education or related course work and will take all teacher education licensure requirements. An audit of the student's transcript may determine that some licensure requirements have been met.)