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Education and Children

American Enterprise Institute Panel: Does pre-K work? A look at the research with PRI's Dale Farran:

Nashville Public Television Spots with PRI's Dale Farran:

Dale Farran discusses "What experiences really are important for young children":

Creating a Model Pre-K, MNPS-PRI Partnership Project

Academic and Behavioral Consequences of Visible School Security Measures with PRI's Emily Tanner-Smith:


Invited speaker Brig. General Ajak Deng Reng discusses food and national security and how the prison system can contribute in South Sudan:

Juvenile Justice

PRI Director Mark Lipsey on evidence-based practices in juvenile justice:

Mark Lipsey and Gabrielle Chapman discuss evidence-based practices in juvenile justice- presented in Australia in conjunction with the launch of a new partnership:

Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis

PRI's Josh Polanin, Sandra Wilson, Emily Tanner-Smith, and Mark Lipsey discuss topics related to meta-analysis and systematic reviewing:

Past Mini-Conference Presentations

Helen Ladd's presentation:  Education and Poverty: Confronting the Evidence


Greg Duncan's presentation::  Rising Inequality and the Challenge for Schools