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Head Start Center On Quality Teaching and Learning


Peabody College, in collaboration withthe University of Washington and  multiple universities, organizations, and early learning experts across the country, will develop the Head Start's National Center on Quality Teaching and Learning, hereafter referred to as "the Center." Our team of collaborators represents a broad range of expertise, knowledge, and a deep understanding of educational practices with demonstrated effectiveness in promoting vital teaching that produces the best possible outcomes for young children.  Collectively, we bring demonstrated expertise related to how people learn (from infants to adults), effective teaching practices across developmental domains, evidence based curricula, professional development, preventing and addressing challenging behavior, and the effective inclusion of children with disabilities. Among our collaborators are the leaders in the fields of early care and education, early childhood special education, and early intervention-all with extensive experience working with HS/EHS at the federal, regional, state, and/or local program levels.

In order to produce the best possible outcomes for every child served in HS/EHS agencies across the country and territories, the Center will develop, identify, and promote practices that have a strong evidence and research base. These practiceswill be evaluated for their potential for efficacious adoption with diverse learners across a variety of HS/EHS agencies. The Center will provide systematic delivery of effective T/TA delivery using traditional and high tech reflective formats that transform professional development from a compulsory activity to a compelling endeavor for HS/EHS staff.  We will do so through the development of a program planning tool that integrates the results of assessments of program quality (e.g., CLASS) and with a tiered approach to instruction and positive learning environments.  This tool will enable HS/EHS teachers to tailor the instruction in their classrooms to meet the needs of their individual children, families, and community members.  To support this integrated and expanded tiered framework, we will conduct careful review and translation of contemporary early learning and professional development research; collaborate with the T/TA system to develop a highly qualified cadre of consultants and coaches to support EHS/HS agencies throughout the United States; and produce high quality training materials focused on galvanizing instructional improvements in order to produce durable changes on the outcomes and indicators in the HS Child Outcomes Framework.  We will work with the public schools to insure the seamless transition to and success of HS graduates in elementary school.

We will pursue a multifaceted approach to improving opportunities for HS/EHS staff to acquire professional certification and meet required qualification by establishing the "Head Start University" concept. HS University will engage nationally recognized leaders in the field to develop comprehensive, research based college level courses that can be offered in person or on-line for credit from regionally accredited community colleges, 4 year colleges and universities. Each course will require application of content to practice through rigorous but supported demonstrated proficiency.  Grant ID: 309

Overview of the National Center on Quality Teaching and Learning

Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS)

Head Start Roadmap to Excellence