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KIDTALK TACTICS - Model Demonstration on Early Childhood Language Intervention


The KIDTALK TACTICS Project (KTTP) is a community-based, early communication intervention model for young children ages birth through 5 with significant language disorders and their families. The model addresses the special needs of toddlers and preschoolers with significant communication and language disorders by engaging their parents, teachers, speech language pathologists, and other services providers in a collaborative, sustained intervention process.

Parents are provided with comprehensive information about their child’s developing communication, training in using KIDTALK naturalistic language strategies within everyday routines and activities, and guidance in coordinating and guiding their child’s language intervention across placements and therapeutic activities. Coordinated training in KIDTALK strategies is provided for teachers, speech language pathologists, and other service providers to insure the level of intervention intensity that is needed for positive developmental outcomes for individual children. In addition, systematic training for professionals to implement the KTTP model with families and service providers is proposed.

The professional development plan includes mentoring, feedback and collaboration with families. The fidelity of each aspect of the intervention and impacts of the project at the child, family, service provider, center and system levels will be assessed and evaluated. KTTP intervention methods are scientifically validated and acceptable to families of young children. Previous research has demonstrated these strategies are effective in promoting communication, easy for parents and teachers to learn, usable in everyday locations with a range of communication partners, and consistently yield positive measurable outcomes consistent with the standards for Parts C and B (619) of the IDEA. KTTP is specifically designed to address the 11 priorities for the proposed model demonstration project.

Unique features of the model include: ecological model of early communication intervention, parent implemented intervention combined with parent leadership training, the development of communication teams that span early intervention and preschool intervention, professional development using a mentor/apprentice approach, use of web for family- professional collaboration, and professional development, progress monitoring and dissemination.

Three collaborating centers will participate in the project. A total of 120 families and children will be served in the project. Approximately 360 professionals will be trained in the KIDTALK communication intervention and 12 professionals will be trained to implement the complete KTTP model.