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Post-doctoral Training: Research Methods in the Learning Sciences


This project will leverage three of our existing IES projects in CASL and Mathematics and Science education to support four post doctoral fellows for cognitive science research, developing innovative computer-based learning and assessment tools, running classroom studies, and designing and validating a variety of instruments that evaluate the effectiveness of student learning in early mathematics and middle school math and science. The research projects are supplemented with core courses in statistics, measurement, and design offered in the School of Education and Human Development to help the researchers develop the skills necessary to conduct rigorous efficacy and evaluation studies. Synergistic operation with the existing Experimental Education Research Training (ExpERT) program and the university-wide interdisciplinary Learning Sciences Institute (LSI) will provide additional training and research opportunities. Two fellows will have 3-year appointments, and two will have 2-year appointments. This will ensure that there is overlap and interactions between newly appointed fellows and those who have had appointments for a year or more.

Overall, the training framework brings together two important dimensions that benefit the post doctoral fellows and their faculty supervisors: