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Nashville After Zone Alliance Evaluation

The Nashville After Zone Alliance (NAZA) will contract with Peabody College conduct evaluation activities to support NAZA sustainability in providing out‐of‐school time programming for youth attending middle school in Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools (MNPS). The mixed methods evaluation will include process and outcome components.

The process evaluation will qualitatively explore stakeholders’ perceptions of programming as well as variability across sites. The outcome evaluation will explore whether youth who participated in NAZA afterschool programs exhibited better outcomes than did matched youth who did not participate in NAZA. Further, analyses will identify student socio‐demographic characteristics and afterschool program characteristics that influenced youth outcomes. We will utilize a quasi-experimental, longitudinal design using propensity scores to match youth who participated in NAZA to similar students who did not. Propensity scores can be utilized to create equivalent "treatment" and control groups when random assignment to groups is not feasible. Group equivalence prior to treatment (i.e., afterschool participation) is important in ruling out treats to internal validity, particularly due to selection bias, so that so that subsequent differences in youth outcomes can be more strongly attributable to program participation.

Grantor: Wallace Foundation Sub thru NAZA/Public Library

Expected completion date: 07/31/2017

Project or Grant:
Date Span: December 16, 2016 to July 31, 2017
Principal Investigators: Carol Nixon
Academic Department: Human and Organizational Development