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Project GRAD Contract - Year 3

Lead the ongoing design and development of the instructional model for GRAD Academy, including curriculum, assessment, and professional learning, leadership, and evaluation. Coach school leadership team in their efforts to cultivate a strong professional development climate and culture for teachers and staff. Lead analysis and interpretation of school, grade, teacher and student level data to inform responses and interventions that will advance student development and provide teachers and staff with the understanding and tools they need to be successful. Forge and nurture high quality strategic partnerships that will advance the GRAD Academies model. Collaborate with GRAD USA and GRAD Academy leadership to document learnings from co-design efforts, and share at conferences, presentations, and various convenings.

Grantor: Project GRAD USA

Expected completion date: 05/15/17

Project or Grant: Project
Date Span: August 16, 2016 to May 15, 2017
Principal Investigators: Marcy Singer-Gabella
Academic Department: Teaching and Learning