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Supporting Strong Transitions: Professional Development for State of Tennessee

Supporting Strong Transitions: Professional Development for Tennessee
This project will focus on identifying critical content and essential features of a new state Transition Manual and framework, as well as the development of resources (i.e., online modules, video-based elements, evaluation tools) for this Manual and related trainings. While there is strong consensus in the field about which practices hold the best chance of improving the transition-related outcomes of students with disabilities, educators in our state have limited access to practical resources and effective training that align with these practices. Our first step will be to identify which practices to emphasize with Tennessee educators and how best to organize this content in accessible and transparent ways. Drawing upon expertise within the TDOE, partners within the TennesseeWorks collaborative, and other key stakeholders, we will finalize a detailed outline for a new Transition Manual and determine the types of features we will want to embed into the manual, live trainings, and online trainings.
Our focus will then shift toward writing Transition Manual, collecting the initial resources and capturing the videos that will be incorporated into professional development offerings, and developing actual training materials. The Manual will be completed first as the priority, as most of the other professional development resources will wrap around the manual.
Writing the Transition Manual: The written manual will be downloadable, printable, and organized in clear sections within a binder so it can readily be updated over time. The manual would incorporate critical content, useful forms and “best practice” checklists, and links to high-quality online resources and videos.
Capturing Videos: In preparation for both online modules and live trainings, we will capture video of schools, students, educators, and others across the state emphasizing high expectations, modeling effective practices, and sharing success stories. We consider it especially important for teachers to hear from local examples of what works and why transition is important.
Creating Modules: We will create a series of on-demand, online modules to accompany each section of the Transition Manual. These modules will include short and engaging presentations of basic content, demonstrations of specific practices (when applicable), illustration of forms and checklists (when applicable), links to local and national resources and sources of assistance, FAQs, and other features identified in the previous stage.
The project will be led by Dr. Erik Carter in the Department of Special Education at Vanderbilt University.

Grantor: Tennessee Department of Education

Expected completion date: 06/30/2020

Project or Grant: Grant
Date Span: August 01, 2015 to July 31, 2018
Principal Investigators: Erik Carter
Academic Department: Special Education