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Research Training

Peabody offers pre- and postdoctoral programs for qualified graduate students. For further information contact the faculty member/director of the programs listed below.

Bonsal Award -  An annual award to advance the development and completion of doctoral dissertations focusing on applied education research.

ExpERT -- The Experimental Education Research Training (ExpERT) program features an integrated sequence of graduate courses in statistics, measurement and design, along with courses in educational practices, context and learning. It offers extensive field research experience with world-class faculty, monthly interdisciplinary lectures and colloquia, teaching experiences, internships and conference attendance. Students will acquire expertise in planning, executing and analyzing high-quality randomized field trials of educational strategies (e.g., programs, interventions, policies) firmly grounded in theoretical frameworks and supported by empirical evidence. The ultimate goal is to develop a new generation of education scientists who are both committed and well equipped to lead the way in education research.

Predoctoral Training: Research Methods - College-wide research methods courses that are of broad interest to predoctoral students.