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Educational Neuroscience at Peabody College and Vanderbilt University

As an area of academic inquiry and public policy, K-12 education consistently ranks as one of critical importance.  Vanderbilt continues to be a leader in various areas related to educational science and policy.  An emerging and increasingly important field is educational neuroscience.  Universities have always played a pivotal role in advances in education.  In the 20th Century, education was profoundly changed and improved when the social sciences - such as psychology, economics, political science, and sociology - were integrated into educational research and policy.  In the 21st Century, a similar paradigmatic change is possible with the integration of neuroscience into the field of educational research.  Such a collaboration is a logical step forward and holds the promise of many new and exciting breakthroughs in the years and decades to come.  Vanderbilt University is helping lead the development of this new field.

Educational neuroscience allows the placing of important educational issues within a scientific context that compliments the social science basis of educational research and the biological basis of learning and behavior in neuroscience.  From these collaborative questions a better understanding of how the brain learns and more effective ways of teaching could emerge.  Although a scientific understanding of how the brain is changed by educational interventions is only emerging, it is likely to help contribute to the future of teacher education and the development of educational policies in the 21st Century.


Primary Educational Neuroscience Faculty

Laurie Cutting, Department of Special Education

Gavin Price, Department of Psychology & Human Development

Mark Wallace , Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences


Affiliate Educational Neuroscience Faculty

Paul Yoder, Department of Special Education

Elisabeth Dykens,  Department of Psychology and Human Development


Research Centers and Institutes

Vanderbilt Brain Institute

Vanderbilt Kennedy Center

Center on Integrative and Cognitive Neuroscience

Vanderbilt University Institute of Imaging Sciences