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How has iZone Teacher Recruitment Affected the Performance of Other Schools?

This brief continues the examination of Tennessee's efforts to turn around its lowest performing schools by reviewing the extent to which statewide iZone teacher recruitment has impacted the schools from which these teachers came. Results indicate that students who lose teachers to iZone schools experience a slight decrease in achievement. However, these decreases do not appear to be large enough to offset the average achievement gains students experience when they attend iZone schools.

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Key Findings
Teacher improvement  
  • Students in schools losing teachers to iZone schools experienced a small negative effect as a result of those teacher losses, particularly in reading and science. 

  • This effect of losing teachers was smaller in Priority schools than in non-Priority schools. 

  • The small negative effects of losing teachers in the schools that lost these teachers does not appear to offset the positive effects in iZone schools. Overall, considering both, our calculations show a net positive impact on students in Tennessee as a result of the iZone initiative. 


This analysis used four years of Tennessee teacher and student-level data. Researchers examined data on 234 iZone teachers from three Tennessee school districts. Researchers compared student test score gains in grades that lost a teacher to iZone schools to other grades in the same school that did not lose a teacher to the iZone. This approach allowed researchers to control for other school-level changes that may have impacted student achievement.