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Photo of Katherine Burns

Katherine Burns

International Education Policy and Management, M.Ed. Instructional Systems Designer and Quality Assurance Manager, Candena

I primarily support EDU’s degree in medicine, Europe’s first accredited online medical degree program that combines online collaborative learning with early practical experience in clinical rotations. I’m able to help mold our young institution’s didactic practices and programming while also building the systems for change management. In international progress tests, we now see that our students are outperforming their peers at other European medical institutions. Although the work is tough, it’s a reminder of how what’s being done now is helping to carve out new pathways for learning and access to education in the medical world. I find myself using practices from each of my core IEPM courses day to day, be it constructing measurements for quality instruction or developing an implementation plan for a new learning tool. The classes at Peabody not only gave me the foundational knowledge I needed but also the tools and the practical experience to help make ideas happen.

The people make all the difference at Peabody. From day one, I was overwhelmed by the amount of continuous support, connections, and resources that the professors, peers, and staff at Peabody gave me--even when I wasn’t asking for it. No question ever felt too small and no door was ever closed. I can’t speak more highly of the caliber of people at this school who helped me build this into a personalized learning experience.