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Peabody offers students close personal attention with the resources of a leading college of education and human development, plus the breadth of academic offerings Vanderbilt is known for.

What makes Peabody different?

Peabody majors include innovative programs in education, child development, cognitive studies, child studies, and human and organizational development. These programs magnify Peabody's focus on improving the lives of individuals and enhancing their communities and organizations.

Prospective students should visit the Vanderbilt University Undergraduate Admissions and financial aid pages for detailed admissions information.

For students pursuing careers in education, classroom experience-as early as the second semester-gives future teachers considerable practice and confidence. A non-education second major offers students majoring in early childhood, elementary, and secondary education both academic and career options. Special education students may choose a second education major.

Service learning combines hands-on work in communities with classroom analysis of issues and action. Department-based honors programs allow students to collaborate with faculty members on research related to their career interests.

Scholarships and stipends are available based on merit and service.


Peabody alumni include teachers in all 50 states and many foreign countries, as well as numerous college or university presidents and many superintendents of school systems. As a Peabody graduate, you'll become part of a continuum of successful leaders in people-oriented careers-education, administration, public policy, business, research, and government. You may work with a foundation or nonprofit, direct a social service agency, train corporate managers, head a department of human resources, or lead a business. You may advance the behavioral sciences or provide medical and health care.

As a graduate, you will join a worldwide network of nearly 35,000 leaders who are spearheading positive change in a variety of settings, including public and charter schools, government offices, hospitals, colleges, universities, start-ups, media, and tech companies. We hope you will connect with us today to learn more about the power of a Vanderbilt Peabody degree.

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