About Peabody

Our Mission: Peabody College strives to enhance the human condition by creating knowledge about learning and development in their social contexts, by translating discoveries into more effective practice and policy, and by preparing leaders who will generate positive change throughout the nation and the world.

The Peabody Difference

Peabody's emphasis on learning differences has helped to define the college, as has a reputation for empirical rigor. The college is widely known for excellence in special education; leadership and policy; child development; psychology and human development; the learning sciences; quantitative methods; and educational neuroscience. 

Peabody Facts

  • 24

    Master's and Ed.D. Programs

  • 8

    Undergraduate Programs

  • 6

    Ph.D. Programs

  • 189

    Full-time Faculty

  • 2,699


  • 7

    U.S. News Top 10 programs

Our Commitment to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Peabody College is committed to maintaining an equitable and inclusive culture that ensures that all students, faculty, and staff feel welcomed, supported, and a part of our thriving Peabody community. 

Peabody Leadership

Our Faculty

Working across social and natural science disciplines at a breadth unusual for schools of education, Peabody faculty include educators, psychologists, child development experts, sociologists, economists, political scientists, neuroscientists, philosophers and historians of education, and quantitative methodologists. They share a national reputation for excellence and a focus on creating opportunities and improving lives, especially for underrepresented and underserved populations. 

The faculty includes: 

  • 24 Endowed chair holders 
  • 15 American Educational Research Association Fellows 
  • 4 National Academy of Education Members  
  • 24 Association for Psychological Science Fellows 
  • 1 National Academy of Medicine Member 

Our Students

Peabody students come from all 50 states and many international countries. The college enrolls nearly 1,500 undergraduate (B.S.), more than 1,000 professional (M.Ed., M.P.P., M.S., and Ed.D.) and 200 graduate (Ph.D.) students across its 38 degree programs 

Our Staff

Peabody faculty, students and others are able to thrive because of the collaborative work of more than 300 college staff who daily contribute to fulfilling the educational, research and service missions of the college.

Our Alumni

From networking opportunities and reunions to alumni recognition and activities, Peabody is your home for a lifetime. Its nearly 35,000 alumni share a lifelong commitment to creating positive change in schools; communities; higher education; and non-profit, for-profit, or governmental organizations.