Leading schools of education not only transmit knowledge, they create it. Peabody’s emphasis on research differentiates us from other schools and ensures that our students benefit from early access to the latest findings. We build research around real-world problems to improve lives and strengthen practice. Peabody’s focus on learning differences has helped define the college, as has our reputation for empirical rigor in educational neuroscience; child, family, and community development; special education; the learning sciences; and educational leadership and policy.


Peabody Research Office (PRO)

PRO provides research support to faculty and research staff at Peabody College. Support includes identifying grant opportunities from internal and external  funding sources and assisting with developing and submitting award winning proposals. PRO also encourages faculty and staff in building collaborations among those with shared interests.

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Research Centers and Initiatives

Across Peabody's five departments, faculty and students undertake cutting-edge research in areas that include equity in education, literacy, neuroscience, and STEM education outreach. 


The Peabody faculty is an amazing collective of scholars working across social science and natural science disciplines. Educators, psychologists, child development experts, sociologists, economists, political scientists, neuroscientists, philosophers and historians of education, and quantitative methodologists are all included. They share a national reputation for excellence and a focus on creating opportunities and improving lives, especially for underrepresented and underserved populations.

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Ideas in Action

Working across a breadth of social science disciplines, Peabody faculty successfully address pressing social problems in local, national, and international contexts. Peabody is further defined by its engagement with educators, organizational leaders, and policy-makers and by its commitment to translating discoveries into practice-ideas into action. Our monthly publication, Ideas in Action: Research News in Education and Human Development chronicles this work.

Peabody Journal of Education (PJE)

PJE  is America's second longest-running publication devoted exclusively to educational research, practice, and policy.

Research Stories